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Panna Tiger Safari is a venture of R.S Shivhare with Akash Shivhare as the chief Advisor and Ashish Shivhare as a tour curator and Naturalist in Panna- Khajuraho-Orcha region of Madhya Pradesh with the specialty of Tiger Safaris and Excursion of UNESCO world heritage site of Khajuraho. Panna Tiger Safari is the first organized tour organizer in the region with full functional online showroom for tour packages, websites, call support and many more.

India, being a habitat of 70% of the world’s wild tigers and 50 tiger reserves makes it the perfect place to plan a tiger safari. It is indeed a fantasy fulfilled for almost all the travelling enthusiasts who keep a keen interest in wildlife to experience the most exciting travel adventures. For travelers all around the world Panna Tiger Safari offers with the facilities of jungle safari along with well planned end to end circuit packages for camping, trekking, tiger safaris, Khajuraho excursion, brihaspati kund, transfers, visit of diamond mines, Raneh fall water canyon, Keh Ghariyal sanctuary, White tiger safari, hotels, flights and many more so that everyone can enjoy the precious nature. Tourism is the only way out for the people of Panna. If you visit, you are contributing for area development. Dive deep into more details.

Panna is one of the district of Madhya Pradesh known for its only Diamond mines in Asia. It used to be a part of Bundelkhand with Raja Chhatrasal as the king. The people of Panna were mainly survived on Tendu leafs, amla farming, mining and so on and Panna tiger safari became the only hope for the survival of the people. They make Interaction of local people with the tourists, sell the local product online such as Murabba, bamboo works etc and this way Panna Tiger Safari promotes economic development of the people of Panna. It also engages local people as guide with upto 1000 INR as wages for par day. It offers them a job by hiring them as gypsy drivers with a payout  upto 3000 INR per trip. It promotes their local products and engages them and generates awareness in people about the wildlife.

Panna Khajuraho is the attraction of the world UNESCO heritage site with western group of 30 temples built by Chandel kings with the theme of Kamasutra. It witnesses the Maximum visit of tourists from England, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, France, America, Brazil and many more. The tourists can avail the following adventures during their visit to Panna Tiger reserve at comparatively cheap rates from Panna Tiger Safari.

– There’s a lot more to do beyond safari and Panna Tiger Safari takes you to a tour of Amazing Ghats and amazing forest.

– Panna Tiger Safari gives you wholesome experience with variety of Adventure sports, Riverside stay, campfire, camping, barbeque, activity based tourism along with all types of stay.

The Panna Tiger Reserve consists of more than 75 tigers and over 400 leopards with wide variety like spotted deer, monitor lizard, crocodile, Neel gai, hyena, stag, fishing cat along with several species of birds. River Ken is known to be the lifeline of Panna tiger reserve flowing across the tiger reserve. Now, Panna tiger reserve has been notified as a Biosphere reserve and created a situation of rehabilitation of over 50 habited villages outside the Tiger reserve. This has created an immediate danger of employment for the people of these villages as majority are unskilled people and are dependent on farming only. To solve this unemployment issue Panna Tiger Safari was coined by R.S Shivhare.

If you want to experience the adventure in an open jeep in a pre dawn gloom you must visit Panna Tiger Reserve and the best time to visit Panna Tiger Reserve is September to March. Panna Tiger Safari lets you feel the song of birds, and spot a tiger in the wild then pack your bags and head towards and make a concrete plan by booking your adventurous trip to Panna Tiger reserve with Panna Tiger Safari and enjoy an amazing wildlife holiday amidst the picturesque forest.

You can explore via online show room link of Panna Tiger Safari -

Contact – 9479461571, 9990193289

Address- 40, Mohan Nivas, Panna, MP (488001)

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