In his 15 year long career, Utkarsh has always tried to disrupt the status quo. He has successfully transitioned through multiple industries such as healthcare, e-learning and then professional training and coaching. He attributes his success to the fearless experiments he did in his own life. Today, as an Executive Coach to executives from LinkedIn, MakeMyTrip, Infosys, Zynga Games, Gilead LifeScience, and others, he can distill all his learnings and help his coachees achieve peak performance.

Utkarsh Narang started his career as a Physiotherapist and was the founder of Vertex Physio. After running three clinics in Delhi/NCR for seven years and operating a mobile physiotherapy van, he took a logical leap to get into filming and video production for a global leadership training institute. He self-learned his way to head the display of 250+ hours of leadership content on 100+ topics and created thousands of learning nuggets delivered to 25,000+ learners across 75 countries. His growth at the institute continued and he led their India operations and client development in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Utkarsh says, “I am inspired by the unlimited, infinite ability that we have within us to grow, be better and put a dent in the universe. I am a true believer that growth is possible at any stage of your life. My drive comes from “Ancora Imparo,” a phrase attributed to the great renaissance artist Michelangelo. The Italian phrase means, ‘Yet, I am Learning.’

He is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified ACC coach with over 500 hours of coaching experience in the last 18 months. He has coached individuals from organizations such as LinkedIn, Zynga Games, MakeMyTrip, Gilead Life Sciences, Benori Knowledge, Biryani by Kilo, and more.

Neeraj Chopra, a Senior Customer Support Consultant at LinkedIn, who Utkarsh coached, says, “Utkarsh has made me confident in working towards my goals. He coached me on multiple skills. The learnings have positively impacted both my personal and professional life. He taught me ‘HOW TO THINK’ when resolving various problems instead of giving straight answers.”

Another coachee, Pijush Sinha, a Manager at Benori Knowledge Solutions, shares, “Utkarsh is definitely one of the best things to have happened to me in 2020. Our sessions were an eye-opener for me. I really like his style of coaching, which is very empowering and calming at the same time.”

Utkarsh is also a Certified Happiness Coach and a NeuroLinguistic Practitioner. Utkarsh’s coaching style is holistic, with a focus on helping each client ignite their spark! He truly believes that our time on this planet is limited, and to make the best use of time, we should give our 100% to every moment and every interaction. Being a life and business coach, his mission in life is to touch a billion lives positively.

In working with his clients, he draws on their values and core beliefs. He can help them move away from self-defeating behaviors and empower them to find their solutions. Utkarsh challenges the coachees and prepares them for an insightful journey.

He is also the founder of IgnitedNeurons. Since its inception in December 2020, IgnitedNeurons has served numerous clients and continues to stand true to its mission of inspiring and igniting the special spark in every individual and supporting them on the journey of self-discovery. The team delivers workshops, webinars and builds leadership trainings for organizations.

Rohini D’souza, a Sales Manager at LinkedIn, highly recommends Utkarsh as a coach and says, “Working with Utkarsh has been incredibly beneficial to my role as a manager – but just saying that would be an understatement to the impact his coaching has had. Whether solving for small or complex problems, Utkarsh brought in visualization techniques and mindfulness into our sessions that were easy to implement and practice outside of coaching as well. One of the greatest benefits I received was the feeling of confidence in my ability & decisions after leaving every session.”

If you are ready to go on this journey and achieve peak performance, get yourself a coach. You can reach out to Utkarsh through hisLinkedIn Profile or email him at utkarsh [at] ignitedneurons [dot] me.

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