When we look at our thumb print we realize something very important we realize that its something special about us ,something only we own and nobody else has it.
Most of the time we confine this thought to our thumb print and dont realize that the whole of us ,our bodies thoughts, emotions ,talents, likes and goals everything is very special and something no body else has in this whole ide world ,” you are one in a million ” .
Nobody can take your place ,no one like you ever existed and no one like you will ever . You have something no body else has !! But do we really realize this ,if we do then we would function differently.
Are we too blind to this fact? Or do we know this but dont really accept it but just bury it deep down ?Or is there anything stopping up from embracing this simple beautiful truth that we all already know.
There could be many, but once such thing that could be a hindrance to embracing this fact is an unspoken, unseen rule book.
A rule book that could have started for a good cause but suerly its evolved version is not causing any good ,contrary to its origin could be stopping the greater good.
This rule book is not spoken aloud ,not written anywhere ,not be seen or heard but powerfully rules the societyA rule book all of us try to follow and some fit in well and some of us fall away and by the end of fulfilling all the rule book says we tend to become the same although we are all made up of completely different elements.
So how do we find this rule book ?

Think about yourself, each of us have different talents ,abilities, likes and different goals in life and sometimes what we want to be is completely different from what we are today.
Now think about what is stopping you from being who you want to be? What’s stopping you from your dream job?
Think about what is stopping you from using your talent or what is stopping you from using your unique abilitiesNow your rule book speaks louder than ever ,it could be the fear to be different and that you rather choose to do something that is most commonly known, it could be that the rule book says that what you want to be is not what generally people in the society would respect and appluad ,the rule book could cause people to discourage you. Maybe the rule book says be like what others are , stay in the safe zone and dont do something differentLiving in a time when everyone follows the rule book and its steps ,it could take a lot to break the rules and Make your own .
Just take a moment and think about who said being” this” way is perfect ? Who says this is the only profession you can earn well ? Who says who won’t amount anything if you dont have a degree ? Who says you need to do this particular job to be respected ? Who says this is the only way to be successful? .who says you are doomed if you dont have friends ? Who says a woman cant be single and happy ??We all need rules in life to maintain harmony and social moralsBut these untold rules that steals our identity are something we need to strike out.
And when there is that one perso who stands out of the crowd and finally is able to be who they are they turn out to be champions and legendsBut why ? Is it because they have a special ability unlike others ??Yes certainly everyone has a special ability but not everyone finds its and takes the opportunity to be themselves and this is the main reason we end up not excelling in life ,its like pretending to be someone elseOr wearing a mascot to look like a clone of the “ideal” the rule book describes. That one thing we all excel at is being ourself and when we do that we are champions and legends that the world has never seen and will never see.

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