Emplofit creates the right match between employers and employees

Having the right people on board is critical for every business to achieve optimum efficiency and production. It is essential to choose individuals who are most matched to the business’s aims and aspirations. But, in the world of hiring, this year has already shaped up to be more difficult than 2021. This is where a new recruitment agency, Emplofit, enters the picture. Due to the challenges in the hiring world, this Noida-based company seems to be the need of the hour. That’s because while last year was highly affected by the Great Resignation, we’re already in the middle of another year where finding, hiring, and retaining talents is proving a tough job for many employers. All this has made recruitment outsourcing the latest requirement in the business world. So, your search ends with Emplofit if you are looking for the best recruiting agency in India that creates the right match between employers and employees.

But, that’s not all as Emplofitprovides the right solution to not only employers but also understands the need of employees who are no longer interested in traveling to the office. These employees now seek work from home opportunities, which they can find with Emplofit, which is also a top provider of work from home in the country.

Why choose Emplofit as your recruitment partner

As your recruitment partner, Emplofit will work with your business to attract the right candidates. The company will take care of all your recruitment needs and connect you to candidates who are most suited to the objectives and goals of your business.

Emplofit is India’s first paperless and chargeless advisory firm and job hiring platform. It is a private business firm that works in staffing, recruitment, and sales. The dedicated team at Emplofit matches the employers and employees after reviewing and scrutinizing their needs, nature of work, and cost-effectiveness. The company also provides different packages in selective departments for selective chores. Emplofit provides professional and competent staff for companies, corporate or non-corporate. It also provides temporary or contractual services under certain conditions and provides permanent staff on demand. Emplofit is located in the technical hub of Delhi- NCR i.e. Sector 03, Noida where the head office operates and considers each staffing in the near and remote areas. The company has training faculties that train the staff according to the needs and desires of the employees. These chains of outsourcing human capital have been in service since January 2022. Emplofit provides every sort of employment along with temporary, contractual, and permanent termination services. The company brings up a flexible strong and dedicated team through continuous training and workshop.

Emplofit’s lucrative work from home opportunity

Emplofit is a top provider of work from home in the country. The company provides a lucrative opportunity to work from home for people, who are rather comfortable working from their homes surrounded by their family. The Covid-19 pandemic has not only made it more difficult for businesses to recruit employees, but more people want to work from home now than before the pandemic. After they were forced to work from home in the wake of the pandemic, people have somewhat started loving remote work and are no longer interested in going to the office. Many people have even quit their job in search of better opportunities of work that they can do from the comfort of their home. Emplofit understands the need of such people and has hence for the first time in India launched DATA ENTRY JOBS that allows people to work from home, both part and full time. Moreover, the work is mobile-enabled and easily compatible with the lifestyles of those who opt for it.

Besides this, Emplofit is also a top provider of career guidance in the country. The company provides free training and counseling to candidates, to help them achieve success in their careers. Emplofit provides a platform for candidates where they can apply changelessly and receive training from mentors.

How Emplofit was born

Emplofit was founded by Mr. Shashank in January 2022 to fill the large gap that exists between employees and employers. Candidates have to pay a high amount of money to get their dream jobs and wander from one place to another. But they are unable to get a satisfactory job. The jobseekers also apply through online portals but again fail to get the right job and employer. But, job seekers are not the only ones who are stressed, as there is a bigger problem for employers that spent their quality time and a large amount of money on paid portals but fail to attract the right employee. After seeing this gap between employees and employers, Mr. Shashank decided to start a business where employers get perfect candidates and the best team of backup hiring employees.

Mr. Shashank is a hard-working professional, who is dedicated to serving the clients of Emplofit. He passed Class XII in 2021 and searched for many ideas on how to solve the problem of unemployment. After discussing and thinking a lot about the topic he understood that there should be a solution, which solves all the problems of employers and employees. That is the solution Mr. Shashank developed when he founded Emplofit.

After starting in January 2022, Emplofit has quickly become one of the fastest growing and best recruiting agencies in India. The company had 3 clients and 70 hiring in January, 5 clients and 120 hiring in February, 12 clients and 210 hiring in March, and 15 clients and 350 hiring in April. So if you want to benefit from its services by making it your recruitment partner or you if you are a job seeker and are looking for the right solution to your problems. You can contact Emplofit through the company’s link

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