Echor Bharmara Estate Of Orchards and Mountains

A luxury escape deep-seated in the lush apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh offers a panoramic view befitting a canvas.

Perfect for a getaway, Bharmara is tucked away in a corner, away from the generic hustle and bustle of the traditional tourist hubs of Himachal Pradesh. Echor Bharmara, in the midst of a beautiful apple orchard, is situated in a pristine piece of the Pabbar Valley at an elevation of 7800 feet. It lets you take in the tranquillity of the Himalayan foothills from the comfort of a stunning estate, all while sipping on a cup of tea. The estate, resplendent yet understated, is a dignified tribute to the beauty of the valley that beckons you.

The stay is made with bespoke all-wood interiors and has spacious rooms with views of the spectacular mountains. This experience is amplified by the rather generously crafted windows, filtering in an expansive vista in front of you. The accommodation in the stay ranges from deluxe rooms with a charming interior to grandiose suites with gorgeous boutique furniture, heightening and elevating your senses to a whole new level altogether. It is made in a distinct Himalayan style, without compromising on any modern creature comforts.

Alleviating your taste buds is the myriad amount of dishes on offer, to let you soak in the flavours of all meals, all the way from breakfast to supper, right from the comfort of your bedroom, or if you’re in the mood, socialising in the beautiful dining area with others. The lip-smacking quality of the food notwithstanding, you can cook your food if that is tuned to your fancy.

Once you’re done soaking in the sights from your room, there’s an endless amount of camaraderie and adventure awaiting you. As is very well-known, Kangra offers a host of activities ranging from hang-gliding and trekking to even river rafting, making this area offers it all in terms of quenching the adventure junkie in you. 

But most of all, balance and harmony with nature is where the stay stands out. It is a stunning yet quaint, distinctly unruffled piece of Himachal Pradesh that stands proudly in its shoes. Unexplored yet connected to the world, a unique juxtaposition of different eras singing together in harmony. Whether you are with your family, or out here for a workcation, or even on a romantic getaway, the stay ensures you have a tailor-made experience, right from the tranquillity of the room to the glorious pandemonium of the gardens and lawns, where you may have a bonfire and sing the night away. 

 A place that doesn’t intrude but co-exists with the allure of the gorgeous nature around it, it is not just exciting for the adrenaline junkies. It is suited to the picnic basket clique in you as well. The estate also organises riverside picnics to let you enjoy an immaculate stay. Visit from March to October to escape the sweltering summers, or watch the beguiling spectacle that is snowfall from December onwards until March.

Lounge around in serene ecstasy, or stay in, feast on the views of the valley ahead of you, and revel in the cosseting arms of nature. 

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