Foodo_therapy AKA Shivam Singh, a foodie by birth and always in a quest to find some good food, carved a path to the foundation of his blogging page by making it his full-time profession. 

Talking about his journey as a teenage boy who used to cycle around his city to find some lip-smacking food to owning a page, he mentions these to be some of his go back in time moments.

Whether street food or food from star hotels and lounges, you will find it all on his page.

When did it all start? 

Hotelier by profession with an experience of over three plus years in industry, his love for food with the hunt for good food every day made him do something productive. Still, things started to take shape in 2013 when he finally pursued his career in hotel management as a bakery chef.

The turning point came in September 2019 when he decided to capture all those moments as memory and share them on social platforms to reach more people with similar interests and enjoy different delicacies. That was the first time when he put his steps in the world of food blogging through his Instagram Page as a food blogger and took it to the next level.” 

Any Story behind the name “foodo_therapy” 

Every time you feel sick or feel low in life you go to the doctor & they suggest you a therapy. In his case, whenever anything bad happened in his life, good food was one of the things that made him happy. So this made him think why not keep his page’s name @foodo_therapy

How long do you take to make a perfect Instagram shot? 

It depends on the scenario; Sometimes, it takes just a minute or two and sometimes even 10 to 15 minutes to capture a single perfect shot. 

Any vision you had while starting the page? 

Yes, as a food influencer, his vision is to explore the best food available everywhere and share it in detail with his audience.

Which all platforms we can find you on? 

Instagram is where he started it all, but now you can find him on YouTube, Josh, Moj & Rizzle app. 

Throwing some light on his milestones, he has been awarded 1st Runners up award at the national level for best food influencer 2021 by global India business forum.

He has also interviewed many of the finest celebrity chefs India has ever produced like,

CHEF Suresh Pillao 

CHEF Atul Kochhar 

CHEF Dipna Anand 

CHEF Manmeet Chauhan

Many of the great chefs follow him for his content as a food blogger. 

His journey has been witnessed and well received by over 200+ plus brands around him as he has been associated with several brands in the past. Some of them are:

Renaissance hotels, Clark Awadh lko, Paper boat, Red bull, Zoff masala, Himalayan organics, GIANIS ICE-CREAM, KURKURE INDIA, QUAKER OATS and more.

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