DYN Logistics: a success story based on Innovation, quality and persistence

When one orders items from different websites, things are much more sophisticated and intricate than what a customer can see. Most of the operations have now been abstracted to provide greater convenience and much better last mile connectivity from a delivery standpoint. One such firm that does this the best is DYN Logistics – A firm run by Mr. Naveen Bala. He is a software Engineer but he had more to his technical skills.  He gave a new insight to his career and turned to being a professional focused on logistics.

About DYN

The journey of DYN Logistics started in 2017 when Mr.Naveen Bala  in his home town Nereducherla laid the seeds for the firm. Initially they were on boarded as a Delivery service partner for Delhivery Pvt Ltd. With time passing now, Flipkart, Delhivery, Shadowfax, DealShare and RebelFoods are more major clients that they have picked up. This list of clients by all accounts can be called high profile but it also shows the variety of options and services the brand is available to deliver, especially on goods which range on a wide vertical. This high range of versatility is why the brand has been successful with multiple delivery centres for Amazon, Delhivery, Shadowfax and Flipkart’s delivery firm ekart. In 5 years the brand was built from nothing to a level that in South India there are few firms that can compete with the likeness of the brand. One major reason why brands progress is innovation. One key idea that DYN has been working on is the creation of an ERP for logistics. The ERP can handle FirstMile, MidMile and LastMile connectivity, as per current news the firm is planning to name it DelPoint. The brand’s CEO and Founder Mr. Naveen Bala an authority himself in the field of logistics thus, when he started his own venture, it was only a matter of time when major ecommerce sites embraced his way and joined paths.

The extraordinary growth of DYN

DYN was a name chosen since it was created after the initials of Mr Naveen Bala, and his kids Divya and Yokshith. Even though the firm started in 2017, Mr Bala had started working on it in 2013, when he realised there was a need for an ERP in the logistics sector. Thus, he started to work on his brand and with only 1 Lakh cash in hand DYN was born. Fast forward to the present the firm which had been a small partner for Delhivery with monthly billing of 50K in 2017 and 2018. Now they are a 5 crore turnover firm with monthly a billable of 50 Lakhs. This level of growth was accelerated by taking the right steps during the COVID-19 pandemic which allowed the firm to benefit from the upward trajectory growth of eCommerce and Online payments. It was obvious since 2016 that using technologies such as UPI would become essential but it’s only now that they understand how much part of their life this platform has become. Like a true entrepreneur Mr.Bala caught on to this quickly and made use of his status in the industry to make waves and create demand. Thus, DYN Logistics is the best 3PL logistics company in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

He does plan to move into further employing technology to better optimise his process and make sure his delivery standards are unmatched and a benchmark. Being a force to reckon with is the basic idea of his firm. As the tagline of DYN Logistics reads Last Mile Delivery Redefined. He and his team of amazing professionals are in all sincerity connecting India from warehouse to doorstep while making sure your packages reach on time and stay in the best of state and quality.

Final Remarks

Although, the delivery industry has come under scrutiny for delivering wrong items, items getting stolen and even lack of care for delivery partners, DYN Logistics has taken all of this very seriously and has a zero tolerance policy to combat this menace of unprofessionalism that has thrived in certain company cultures despite the best of the efforts of the people running them. It’s a marvel that DYN Logistics has so far avoided this and focused on better service and better quality of service. It’s probably this that allows them to be such a massive success at such a young age,

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