Dreams and reality don’t usually coincide, but in the instance of Nagshima, the tables were turned completely. In today’s world, an engineer who wants to be an entrepreneur must make a difficult decision. Because, let’s face it, engineering and entrepreneurship are two distinct areas. Despite this, he accepted the challenge and opted to pursue his ambition of being an entrepreneur.

Nagshima has always dreamed of creating his own business since he was born and raised in Hassan, a tiny town in Karnataka. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Bangalore and went to work for an IT firm. However, working there did not provide him with the satisfaction he desired.  It was at this time when his two cousins, Dhanus and Bharat arrived in Bangalore to finish their education and little did, he know this meet will change his entire career. Just like him his cousins also were passionate about entrepreneurship and wanted to run their own business but settled for a job instead.

But as it is said that dreams don’t leave you until and unless you fulfil them hence Nagshima and his cousins who aspired to become entrepreneurs finally decided to start their business knowing that this could be either a big hit or a clear miss and the business field that they chose was Real Estate, and there were 2 main reasons as to why they chose this field, starting with Real estate is one of the most well-known industries in the world, and its importance and reach have resulted in the creation of many billionaires. Second, unlike other businesses, it allows you to work as and when you choose, giving you the lifestyle you’ve always desired. The expansion of this industry may be seen in the rise of the corporate environment and the demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban lodgings.

So, after giving the business plan a lot of thought, they decided to take over the Regrob franchise after a few months. Starting from scratch was challenging, and giving even the tiniest detail your complete attention was mind-boggling, but the only aim that kept them going was that all of their hard work will pay off someday.

They opted to go with the plug-and-play strategy, and they began working in Whitfield as a master franchise. Their hard work paid off, and the experience turned out to be fantastic with Regrob in terms of assistance.

 Regrob is leveraging technology to disrupt the brokerage industry. Technology, as we know it, is a huge game changer, and it’s a mixed blessing for real estate agents, just like it is for the rest of us. Virtual home tours and other tools make house seeking more enjoyable, while electronic signatures and other tools make the purchasing process more efficient. Technology helped them generate multiple revenue models, it also helped them to take their business deals up 24 by 7, they also got mentored by top and expert level management to seek guidance and do much better in the future, they also made quite a few ravishing transactions and real good income and just because of all this they are now dominating the real estate market. They cracked 200 crores of brokerage in Bangalore as told by their clients. They have acquired exclusive rights to market projects. For every one of us, the real estate brokerage industry is a turning point. It is critical for everyone to hire the proper individuals and work in the correct industry. The real estate market is one of India’s most significant, with more than 200 crores in brokerage created each year; thus, it is critical to play it properly and take all required precautions.

That is why, it is correctly said that two highly valued strengths of engineers- intelligence and precision – can actually become weaknesses when it comes to being an entrepreneur but letting these traits be your strengths shows how much confidence and zeal you have in yourself and that is what distinguished Nagshima and his cousins Dhanus and Bharat from the rest of the people who just like them want to do something.

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