Dr. Videsh Acharya is revolutionizing the business industry with initiatives like Saludo Learning and

Dr. Videsh Acharya is a far-sighted and keen-minded businessman who seeks to create business opportunities for the youth of the country and simultaneously wants to keep learning 

and upskilling himself.

Born in Kerala and brought up in Bangalore, Dr. Videsh’s father is a carpenter, and his mother is a tailor. He was raised with two younger siblings, a brother, and a sister. He also has a wife and a daughter who he adores.

He was always a keen learner and was always found exploring new things, tinkering with novel ideas, and brainstorming. He always wanted to be in a position where he could help others and create business opportunities for self-stability.

As such, he has held many notable positions in many fields and has been an excellent learner.

He has held the following prestigious certifications to his name:

Recognized for India Prime Icon Awards 2021

Honored Doctorate in business administration by WHRPC( WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION COMMISSION)

2014 Six Sigma Green Belt IACT global, India

2014 Six Sigma Black Belt IACT global, India

2014 Financial Engineering and Risk Management

He also holds various positions and responsibilities to his name.

He has been the national executive member of the World Human Rights Protection Commission.

He has also been the State General Secretary of the Nationalist Youth Congress.

His experience with the corporate world has been vast. But it was after working for a healthcare firm for more than 6 years, did he realize that he had collected enough corporate exposure and business understanding and that he wants to start his own firm.

Subsequently, Dr. Videsh Acharya along with his brother Vinesh Acharya is also the founder and the Director of Saludo Training & Development Pvt. Ltd. and Design4u Software Inc.

About Saludo Training & Development Pvt. Ltd.

Saludo Learning is a Quick and Smart class of Learning, concerned and committed to catalyzing the competitiveness of its clients by helping them succeed through Learning.

It does so by modeling state-of-the-art design, facilitation, and management of learning. It also facilitates practical learning by doing, not just by listening. It also provides class exercises and case studies that are customized to the client’s industry and it does so at typically no additional charge to the client. The focus is also on asking participants to work on their organization’s real issues and develop action plans and materials.

About Design4u Software Inc.

Design4u offers web design and web programming at a fair tariff. Their team withholds years of practice and experience. Its priority is to ensure the timely and professional implementation of its clients’ web design and programming projects.

Other Initiatives

Dr. Videsh Acharya is also the Editor and Producer of IMC News. He is also the Co-founder of Safe Kids India.

When asked about his childhood ambitions, he says that it was from a very young age that he wanted to become a businessman. At some point, he also wanted to be a singer.

Nevertheless, his one dream did come true, and amazingly so.

His one aspiration for the future is to sustain and develop his business and be known globally for his business and service quality.

He also holds a message for the future generations,

“Focus on business rather than being an employee, learn multitasking, focus on a single goal, and never stop learning. Learning shall open the window for the future growth of your career.”

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