Dr. Sajid Hussain: Working unceasingly to offer his patients gift of health

“The access to good medical treatment tends to fluctuate inversely with the population need for it.”

There is a mismatch between a patient’s medical needs and medical care supply, according to the inverse care law. For example, the number of doctors in high-deprivation areas is generally lower than in low-deprivation areas, and doctors caring for disadvantaged patients may face increased work pressure, insufficient time for complete tasks, and a higher risk of burnout.

Dr. Sajid Hussain is a reputed doctor serving people with his immense medical knowledge and analytical approach. His journey started in 2006 when he got accepted into the MBBS program. He went through emotional hardships in 2011 due to his father’s demise. It was an extremely crucial year of his education.Despite suffering from doleful loss,his result was quite exceptional in MBBS last year. His wife, Dr. Safia Haideri has supported him in the journey to becoming one of the top surgeons in Patna. She has just not been the supporting root in Sajid’s career but also a lecturer in the department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry, at one of Patna’s best government dental institutes herself.

Dr. Sajid Hussain is a person who believes in grabbing the best opportunity.So, he decided to pursue his internship at the most reputed college and hospital in Patna. Soon his career got scaled up and while he worked as a medical officer at Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal in Patna, Bihar, and became a well-known doctor there. This further motivated him to learn more to help the people.In 2015,he joined post-graduation in surgery. During the course in Tamil Nadu, he learned various surgeries and came back in 2018 to serve his hometown people.

He started Hadi memorial clinic in Patna, recently through his years of experience and expertise, patients will be immensely benefited. He has taken the Hippocratic oath to ensure that he will provide the greatest surgical care to all individuals in need to the best of his skills. Dr. Sajid is the type of person who enjoys assisting people, and this career offered him plenty of opportunities to serve and support others while also saving lives.

Dr. Sajid as a Surgeon

Many surgeons have a diverse profession that allows them to apply their expertise in a variety of workplace situations. Although work environments vary, one constant remains: the surgical profession is one of responsibility and leadership. The surgeon is in charge of the patient’s preoperative diagnosis, the procedure, and the patient’s postoperative surgical care and treatment. The surgeon is also regarded as the surgical team’s leader.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

This surgery is one of the most successful medical techniques for treating some of the major health problems. Traditional surgical treatments, on the other hand, are frequently accompanied by large scars and agony, putting patients in bed for months. Fortunately, we live in an era of constant medical advancement, and less invasive surgeries, like laparoscopy ,are one of these advantages. Laparoscopic surgery is a cutting-edge surgical technique that promises to treat underlying health problems in the pelvic region or abdomen in a less invasive and less painful manner. It only requires a little slit into the human body to provide specialists with a clear understanding of the interior structure and enable them to diagnose and treat the problem with unprecedented ease.

He is a skilled professional surgeon with extensive expertise in various surgical procedures, from state medical hospitals to the prestigious AIIMS Patna. In the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, he completed his service without fail. He used his expertise to separate corona patients based on the virus strain’s exposure and effect, allowing for quick action in providing optimum care. After medical school, as he worked in surgical emergencies and assisted in all emergency and elective surgeries. For the past three years, he has emerged as one of the best surgeons in Patna. Dr. Sajid’s default motto when it comes to surgery is to provide the best medical treatment possible.

Healthcare, in his opinion, is a basic need that should be, provided to everyone. Everyone should be able to access the finest healthcare, and that no one should die due to a lack of treatment. He is not only helping people through his clinic but also serves in the government Hospital, Hajipur, where he treats deprived people with courtesy. Dr. Sajid has brought this dream and hopes that one day to be able to open a philanthropic hospital where everyone, including the unprivileged groups, will be able to receive the best possible medical treatment. Hadi memorial clinic is the beginning of this journey where he has been providing affordable and effective treatment.

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