Dr. Padmini Panigrahi – once again for the second time lightens as a speaker at TEDxIIMSambalpur

Dr. Padmini Panigrahi, an eminent Folk classical dancer, singer, Philanthropist, and social activist at an independently organized TED Event at TEDxIIMSambalpur was invited as a speaker on 20th August 2022 to speak on the theme of ‘Ideas that Travel’.

With an aim to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on diverse subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder, and provoke conversations that are impactful, TEDxIIMSambalpur organizes an awe-inspiring event where Dr. Padmini Panigrahi speaks on Ideas that travels. One of the enchanting dancing personalities of India, Dr. Padmini is one of the most outstanding speakers as observed by all. Her TED talk on ideas that travels has received appreciation all across the state. The talk was quite powerful and intriguing where Dr. Padmini shed light on traveling to a new destination and how it can create a life-changing experience for all. Her talk pepped up and motivated everyone to think differently about the places they visit and the people they meet.

A personality with multiple facets Dr. Padmini Panigrihi is a well-known vocalist, businesswoman, classical dancer, and powerful woman. She has worked with a number of groups that assist people going through trying moments in their lives. Dr. Padmini increased awareness and addressed a number of issues to prevent problems that are commonly affecting women’s growth and development. Since she was six years old, Dr. Padmini has been practicing her dancing, which she has a natural gift for. She is a voracious learner who has enhanced her singing and dancing skills via continuous learning and has received numerous accolades for her classical singing and dancing.

Needless to mention, TED talks have been around for many years, inspiring and motivating people into making positive changes in their life. Whether you watch them in your spare time or have them playing in the background, there’s always something that draws you to a particular video, and something is bound to resonate with you. An awe-inspiring as TED talks are online, they are much more touching in person, allowing attendees to really question what’s being said and take onboard any helpful life and tricks. But how can TED talks make a difference in person, and how can you encourage someone to attend one?

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