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Dr Bhanu Abohari is industry-leading health, fitness, weight loss, and nutrition mentor and blogger, the owner and founder of FITrebel.

He is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of theIIIMS-International Institute of Integrated Medical Studies,where one can undertake courses in Nutrition and Dietetics, Cosmetology, Trichology, Dentistry and Yogic Sciences.

He is the Head Of Department Nutrition, Fitness & Dietetics Departmentat IIIMS, where under him, he has taught more than 130 doctors and other Medical Professionals as nutritionists and dieticians.

A Consultant Dental Surgeon and a Weight-Loss, Nutrition and Fitness Mentor by profession, his background as a medical professional has helped him establish himself as the industry leader in his area of expertise for the last 20 years.

His level of popularity can be easily assessed by the fact that his articles are widely read and people from more than 65 countries follow his fitness and weight loss programmes.

His work in health for the last 20 years has been awarded at State, National, and International levels. So it is indeed a matter of great honour for the country that an Indian is getting recognition abroad as a top-level weight loss, nutrition and fitness mentor and blogger.

As a Weight Loss, Nutrition and Fitness Mentor, he has inspired and helped numerous clients achieve their dream fitness and weight levels.

What sets him apart from the hoard of fitness and weight loss coaches is that he looks way beyond just weight loss.

           Dr Bhanu Abohari focuses on establishing the correct fitness levels and teaching healthy lifestyles & practices to his clients so that fitness and health becomes a part of their life. Interestingly his methods do not include any medications or weight loss supplements or expensive gym memberships. All you need to do is follow his programmes, and the results are bound to follow.

Since his programmes work on the root of his client’s issues, he has successfully treated patients with hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and borderline elevated blood pressure as a part of the weight loss and fitness regime.

To think of it, following a weight loss, fitness and nutrition programme formulated by a doctor takes the guesswork out of the equation. It is way more effective and safer than programmes by other coaches.

Let’s see what other industry leaders and clients have to say about him!

“I admire Dr Abohari’s knowledge in weight loss, nutrition and fitness. He and his Team FITrebel deliver what they promise. The Elite Programme by Team FITrebel is exceptionally effective at weight loss and to achieve a life-changing body transformation.”

“Highly recommended!”

Dr James Kim

Founder- Vitamin Detox Secrets

South Korea

“Being a Fitness Trainer myself, I am very impressed with Dr Abohari’s weight loss and fitness journey.”

“I have learnt some remarkable regimes to enhance my strength and fitness from him.”

“For anyone looking to get fit beyond just weight loss, I would recommend Dr Abohari and his team at Fitrebel as a one-stop destination.”

“Go for it, guys! And thank me later!”

Mandeep Sandhu

Winner Mrs India Worldwide 2018

Celebrity Hot Yoga Trainer, Mumbai

“I’ve been working with Dr Abohari for over a year, and have nothing but amazing things like knowledge, compassion, expertise and awareness coming from him.”

“My foremost recommendation to everyone when it comes to weight loss & fitness IS Dr Abohari and FITrebel.”

“Keep doing great work, Dr Abohari.”

Zoran Calic

Vegan, Fitness enthusiast


“Dr Abohari and his FITrebel team have a holistic and personalised approach, along with utmost professionalism.”

“Looking for an online personal trainer for weight loss and fitness?”

“Your search ends here.”

Raman Oberoi

Banker, Cyclist and Ultramarathoner

New Delhi

                     It’s not only in India but also in countries like the US, Uk, Australia and the UAE; his programmes have helped clients achieve their lifelong dream of getting in the best shape of their lives.

He has more than 100 publications on Nutrition, Weight lossandFitness to his name. His book on Weight loss, Nutrition and Fitness is in writing.

He can be reached on Instagram and his blog @

“Fat is hard, fit is hard! Choose your hard!” are the words he lives by.

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