Dinesh Bhai Patolawala becomes a manufacturer and supplier magnate for Rajkot sarees.

One of India’s most iconic, vivid images is an Indian woman draped in large swaths of stunning fabric known as the Saree. Sarees are deeply rooted in India’s cultural (and literal) fabric as a traditional garment for women of all ages. From all geographic corners of India, the Saree unites women of social strata. Indian women don the saree and go about their day-to-day lives with effortless grace. A person who thoroughly understands the importance of saree in a woman’s life and aces in manufacturing and supplying traditional and Royal sarees is that of Dinesh Bhai Patolawala. 

Hailing from Rajkot, Gujarat, Dinesh is one of the respected names in the traditional saree business. The sheer enormity of colors, fabrics, textures, and drapes his beautiful attire lends itself to is simply mind-boggling! From simple to the most complicated designs, the list goes on and on. His sarees have persevered, toiled, transformed, and continue to evolve, encompassing the changing world around them and remaining consistently faithful to its natural aesthetics. His sarees co-exist and seamlessly blend into the social fabric of what is “Incredible India!” The moment an Indian woman comes of age, one of the essential staples in her journey through life is a Saree. The poignant memories attached to a saree are many, many, and so many! With this understanding of their needs and wants, Dinesh manufactures and supplies beautifully embroidered Rajkot Sarees, renowned in Gujarat.

The Saree, with its inherent elegance, gorgeous silhouette, drape, and what was a traditional piece of garment, has now taken on a new, contemporary and sexy avatar in 21st century India. Evolving Dinesh believes in drafting and fusing the modern go about looks in his sarees, making them unique and unforgettable to miss. The oldest form of a garment in the world, which is still in existence. The love affair that Indian women have with the Saree has continued down the ages, and Dinesh’s supremely royal collections make it the most talked-about couture in today’s time. 

Patan, Mehsana, and Rajkot are known for the production of Patola sarees. The method followed in Patola sarees is that the bunch of yarn is dyed and woven into delicate fabrics of various designs and motifs. Since motifs are created out of dyed wool, designs on either side are prominent and equal. 

This system is followed in the handloom hubs of Odisha, Pochampally in Telangana, and the Chattisgarh belt. Before 60 years ago, the group of a family from Patana went out to Rajkot to search large market, and this artwork got more opportunities. The group of family of Patan went out for Rajkot with the help of National Father Mahatma Gandhi, First prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji. Those persons help the PETHAJI BHAI MAKWANA, and other family members start making Rajkotiyan hand-made Patola. After the PETHAJI BHAI, his son MR. DINESH BHAI MAKWANA gives the enormous success of Patola with his son MR. NIRAJ MAKWANA. Nowadays, Patola is made by a firm that created a significant brand known as the “DINESHBHAI PATOLAWALA.”

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