DHARMNANDAN Live PUFF HOUSE Offers 51 Flavours of Puff

Gujarat is famous for its finger-licking food and a combination of sweet and spicy snacks and now Gujarat is being known for the puffs.

Dharmnandan Live Puff House, the best food restaurant is now serving puffs. 51 different puffs containing the explosive mixture of a variety of condiments at only Dharmnandan Live Puff House, Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

Dharmnandan is a well-recognised name in this industry and has four branches at  Virani circle, Sardar Nagar, Sanskar Mandal, Nirmal Nagar all of them at Bhavnagar, Gujarat.

The vision of the company is to serve the finest quality puffs and they work on 3Qs, the 3Q principle has made them the best in the market.

The 3 Q’s are:

            •           Quality of the puffs,

            •           Quantity served,

            •           Quite Low Pricing, friendly budget.

The 51 amazing-tempting baked 51 puffs with a mouth-watering, crunchy, soft dough. All under one roof. Dharmnandan is a customer centric place, making sure that their customers get the best and their experience is unprecedented.

Dharmnandan offer’s variety of flavours and types, whatever matches the taste of the customer. Whether you’re a cheese lover, Chinese lover, or a paneer lover, every type of puff is made and served— with love. They always look to fulfil your cravings with puffs filled with delicious cheese, paneer stuffed puffs, mayonnaise, Chinese, pizza puff, butter khari puffs, the new and unique variety like a farali puff specially made for people who are on fast. The Dharmnandan team says, “This is made especially for the people who are fasting. During fast people get cravings and to satisfy those cravings we came up with the unique farali puff.”

Since its establishment Dharmnandan has built a base of huge customers who love the combination and variety of puffs that are made. Having served a plethora of customers and been known for our best quality of snacks and providing excellent catering services. Known for customer’s satisfaction. Let’s have a glimpse of what customers have to say about the taste and service of Dharmnandan.

A Google user, Dhaval Desai said,

“Best experience to eat puffs of many varieties. I liked their cleanliness and nature towards their customers.”

Rushi, a customer of Dharmnandan says,

“This is the first place where I ate good puffs.”

Janak says,

“Amazing eating experience at Dharmnandan Live Puff House.”-

Dharmnandan has everything you’re looking for. The tasty delicious puffs. Hidden inside a burst load of cream and cheese with crispy outside making a scrumptious delight for your mouth. Walk in to experience the heart-warming staff and quality taste offered as per your pleasure.

Specially baked butter khari which is also famous as puff carry you through and keep the stomach full and happy, and the most important thing it that all the puffs that are made at Dharmnandan are budget friendly i.e. now, within your budget you get to taste the best puffs.

Let Dharmnandan take care of your pocket, as we get you the best butter khari and puffs keeping in mind the budgetary constraints, they offer you puffs starting at 14 INR.

Whether it is 10 rupee or more there is no compromise with hygiene. While to maintain the quality Dharmnandan work with a dough setter automation machine to ensure that there is no compromise with the  cleanliness or the hygiene and to maintain the authentic taste Dharmnandan has experienced chefs that make sure that you are served the premium quality puffs.

Dharmnandan strives to satisfy your taste needs. Dharmnandan gets you your favourite puffs at your doorstep or you can get them at walk-in branches available near you. Dharmnandan guarantees on-time delivery of freshly baked puffs. You can visit their website to order and taste the mouth-watering puffs and send specific instructions as per your needs.

Dharmnandan is open from Sunday to Monday from 09:00 AM to 10:30 PM, which vary on weekends and festivals. They continuously upload their tasty puffs on Instagram feed, Facebook page, and LinkedIn for an idea of how they cook and serve the startling puffs to you.

You can visit and order now and taste the finest quality puffs from their website:

Website: Instagram:

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