January 30, 2023
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Dr Rahil Chaudhary, Consultant, and Director of Eye7 Group of Eye Hospitals, has the distinction of performing the maximum number of laser spectacle removal procedures in India. The exuberant young surgeon from the NCR of Delhi brushes aside our felicitations with characteristic humility. “I didn’t work for the record,” he says, “I work for my patients. I have the privilege of working with a team that is both, brilliant and dedicated. For us, it’s all about patient delight- and clinical outcomes. Because of this, patients from all over India and other countries too choose Eye7 Eye Hospitals for laser vision correction and removal of spectacles. It was a team effort and I cannot take credit for it alone.”

This is not the only record to Dr Rahil Chaudhary’s credit. A pioneer in bringing state-of-the-art vision care to the country, Dr Chaudhary has been a champion of affordable Eyecare. Eye7 Eye Hospital, under his leadership, was the first to introduce Contoura Vision in India, a new technology for laser specs removal that delivers much superior results than conventional laser spectacle removal techniques. The AI-LenSx Bladeless Femto Laser Surgery again uses artificial intelligence to improve clinical outcomes of cataract surgery. 

We asked him if he believes doctors will be replaced by intelligent machines someday. 

He laughed and replied, “Artificial Intelligence helps us in our everyday life – it’s a wonderful tool. Whether to choose a movie on Netflix or to better evaluate our surgical results. The patient experience and satisfaction are a measure of both: Superior surgical results, and empathetic patient care. Today, we can offer extraordinary visual results to our patients, since we have access to the best technology for restoring vision. But in my opinion, what makes our patients happier is the personalised care they receive from my staff, and indeed me. I became a doctor to help people see better and nothing makes me happier.”

We asked the prolific surgeon, “What is your treatment philosophy and your advice to aspiring eye doctors?”

“The greatest reward is your patients’ smiles. Records, awards, and financial gains are all secondary to that. We must remember that all these machines are just appliances to help us in our mission to provide better visual outcomes.

Second, it’s critical to remember you are just one small part of the patient experience. Your team is an essential part of the surgical ecosystem, and their enthusiasm and energy will be reflected in your work, so choose wisely.”

He also adds, “Remember, you have a moral obligation towards each of your patients as a doctor. I know I must offer each of my patients the best and the safest surgical options and the best visual results. 

It’s also essential, especially in a country like ours, to make sure eye care is accessible and affordable for all.”

Any new records coming up, we asked him. Dr Chaudhary laughs one more time. “Yes, he says, I want to be the doctor with the happiest patients.” We know that has already come true.

Dr Rahil Chaudhary is also a well-known social media figure for his educational videos on modern eye treatments and technologies. Check out his YouTube channel @Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre

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