Degrees doesn’t assure employment but skill does

Nowadays, it’s not a degree that helps you to get paid,

Its skills that can pay you so high says Sagar Patil, founder of a school of Skills.

In India, skill-based education is considered a vocational skill obtained through short-term training or courses, not part of the formal education sector, and employed in informal sectors. Such skills are also a part of the government’s Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) scheme, promoting recognition and standardization. However, expertise needs to be developed in the formal learning system as well.

Sagar Patil is one of the youngest & finest entrepreneurs from Gujarat, having more than 30 awards. He is not an average or random entrepreneur who follows the trend & brings something new into it. He is one of the problem-solving entrepreneurs who understand well what society needs & how to fill the gap between that’s what he can provide. That’s why in this pandemic, he launched his dream project on which he was working for many years. That project is one of the first skill-based education hub the School of skills

Before launching his dream project, he was part of one corporate training agency & working as a direct selling trainer; at the age of 17, he started his money-making career through anchoring & events hosting. As he got mature, he started working professionally & started building his career in the training industry. He started taking sessions for sales, management, public speaking, Be Unique, Simplifying the life etc.

He has delivered more than 250 speeches (still counting), Addressed more than 2.5 lakh people in last 4years. He gave 8 interviews and 7 news articles on social awareness topics.

He has shared the stage with business tycoons, political leaders, management faculties, & spiritual leaders.

The current pandemic has advanced local products and has helped people recognize the importance of a skill-driven society. Being a young nation with 75% of the working-age population, employment becomes a significant concern. With the help of schemes such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), students can receive both security and benefit, as it aids in an equivalent acknowledgement of both informal and formal learning. Students are the country’s human capital, and it is essential to empower them for the development of the economy. Skill-based education places the ownership of learning in the hands of students and helps them restrict the big gap of understanding. It promotes and develops the art of learning and development, empowering students to become successful in their chosen field.

School of skills is one of the first emerging skill-based education hubs, headquartered in Surat, Gujarat.

School of skills is a complete Basket of Growth & development.

Every student and individuals are special & unique, so it is evident that their development & growth process has to be different, what we all know.

But nowadays all the students are getting same knowledge & same ways of implementation.

They are following the 3 P process for student development.

P: Purpose – they help students/individuals to identify their actual purpose in life.

P: Profession / Passion – They help them choose the right career at the right time by Utilizing their passion.

P: Profit – Once they will clear with their purpose & profession, it becomes easy to make a profit.

Within a year school of skills has been collab with many schools, colleges, and universities with their unique training modules & excellent Skills trainers.

School of skills always focuses on adding value to every individual’s life cause the more value you add to people, the more valuable your organization gets. 

Sagar Patil and his young talent army are going to launch unique projects in the future few of them are mentioned below,

  • TSS: The simplifier show (which will make things simple for you for your personal and professional life)
  • SOS OTT: SOS OTT will be one of the first OTT platforms that will cover almost all the skills on one platform in a unique & practical manner.

Sagar and his team, including Ronak, Amit, Ayush, and Shikhar, are famous in Gujarat for their unique sessions and content. They are an excellent and revolutionary army for bringing skill revolution as one of the essential needs for the development of the NATION.

Sagar Patil has been awarded as the best communicator, emerging speaker of the year, rising entrepreneur, creative head, etc. Sagar always believes that “your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

You guys must connect with Sagar and his team on &

Or you can visit their website 

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