Deeshak Patra’s directorial debut Chai premieres in UK by Paus Premiere 2021

First time director Deeshak Patra made his first feature film debut with the movie “Chai” which got global premiere in United Kingdom by Paus Premiere 2021

Vikas Verma who was already working with a TV show with sony channel in India made a lead debut in this Film and Archit Koli made a fresh debut in his first feature film.This movie also has Sanaya Pithawalla and Gaurav Alugh who are already popular with the Indian TV genre. The film “Chai” is about , “A bond undefined. Chai is inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s short story “Postmaster”. A story that lives between a busy lifestyle and the world of roadside tea, that reminds you of the bond unsaid. A little bit of honesty, love and care work together just like adrak, cheeni and Sauf mix to make the most perfect blend of tea.”

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