Darshan Rajput: The man behind Manufacturer’s guide whose innovative business ideas ensures every manufacturing start-up launches on the right foot and earns major profit

Manufacturer’s guide Darshan Rajput is a famous YouTuber and an entrepreneur who excelled in his life with his famous YouTube channel ‘Manufacturer’s guide’ starting from scratch and elevated himself to a level with a fan base of more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube”

With more than a massive 3 million followers base across all social media platforms, Manufacturer’s guide Darshan Rajput has successfully earned whopping views of more than 1 billion collectively on his YouTube channel’ videos of “Manufacturer’s Guide” in a span of 2 years. Do you think it was easy? Let’s explore the Journey of a celebrated YouTuber and entrepreneur Darshan Rajput.

Starting with a new manufacturing business be it small or big is not easy even if you have a great idea. “Manufacturer’s guide” is a channel on YouTube that gives different end to end manufacturing based business ideas along with a research-based direction right from setting up to sales so that every business enthusiast can start their new manufacturing businesses from scratch and clock huge turnover. Besides, the channel also covers the interviews of the business owners in every field of business along with the launch of new products in the market and the success stories of those people who have proceeded with their start-up and accomplished their goal.

 No doubt manufacturing business leads to great success and Darshan spares no effort to guide people walking step by step through all the essential phases of starting a successful manufacturing based business.

So how it got started?

Like every other boy Darshan too dreamt of pursuing his higher studies from Abroad but fate had something else in his favour. His dream of studying abroad however got shattered owing to some personal reason but his spirit remain intact to accomplish something different if not abroad, in India itself. He initially started with his start-up named “Tissue wala”. He tirelessly toiled hard for the initial six months like every start-up and gradually he started making a good business after a brief period of struggle. Amidst everything he thought of informing people about his manufacturing business “Tissue wala” and what it takes right from establishment to marketing and sales”. Overwhelmed with the positive response the views in his videos skyrocketed to millions and he started getting demand to create more educative videos. With an aim to bring change in every aspiring entrepreneur’s life he chose YouTube as his full-time profession and began with “Manufacturer’s Guide”. He feels immensely grateful to people who have showered him with lots of love and respect. 

Motivated with the love and respect of his audience he started travelling to every part of the country and meeting with business owners and franchisers. He began researching about every manufacturing business from level zero to zenith level and began creating videos on them to impart research-based knowledge so that it is beneficial to the aspiring businessman who wants to make a mark in manufacturing based business. Eventually, his hard work paid off. It was indeed a rejoicing moment for him when his educational content got implemented by people into a business set up and running successfully; it’s the biggest return he is going to cherish forever.

Nothing comes so easy; he had to go through a rough patch of Topsy Turvy during his journey from a common struggling entrepreneur to a successful life changer and one of the famous personalities of India. He was criticized by many people; however, he had no other choice except to turn a deaf ear to their interrogatory remarks and get back to them positively with his actions. Now there is no looking back and the rest is history.

His hard work and patience are evident from his success but his view with regards to success is worth sharing. He said, “Success is something when you desire to do something and finally accomplish that desire. It has nothing to do with how much money you earn or what property you own”. He is deeply passionate about his work that kept him going strong. He has neither copied anyone nor learnt, it is his motivation that comes from within is natural. He boasts of being a great fan of the famous life coach Sandeep Maheshwari and follows him profoundly. He remains original with his content, and that is what makes him unique.  

He signs off saying: “As a YouTuber, I believe it’s only your great and unique content that drives your interest that makes you a famous YouTuber, together with lots of patience, true dedication, determination, consistency and not by copying some other content creator. See where your passion lies and work upon them you will surely create a mark someday. Everything has a time and it is the key that unlocks your hard work with great fruits”

His YouTube Channel (Manufacturer’s Guide) –


Facebook – @manufacturersguide 

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