IN today’s era of increasing digital influence, it is becoming a rare occurrence to find people who are fond of books and literature in comparison to the old times. What would you say if a young man not only dreams of shaping his future in the world of books, but also fulfills it? One among such success stories is of the 22-year-old Mr Akash Gupta, a resident of Kharagpur, the railway town of West Bengal. Akash is working towards the realisation of his dreams.

Akash Gupta, who has completed his B.Tech from Jain University, Bangalore (and currently pursuing his MBA from Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT) Bangalore) says that, in order to establish himself, he had given interviews in many companies and firms. The count of which nears 28. But met with disappointment every time. He strongly believes that his destiny had altogether a different course of action. “During those difficult times, I realised that I need to do something to help those people whose dreams went unfulfilled due to various circumstances. Something which I am passionate about, and it shouldn’t necessarily be a job. My only aim was to spread joy by helping people by turning their dreams into reality”, says Akash.

Born in the house of Mr. Keshow Prasad Gupta and Mrs Nandini Gupta,residents of Kharagpur city, Akash Gupta founded an organisation called Fireboxx on 15th September 2019. Its purpose was to provide a better platform to those anonymous writers who are passionate in writing but had to withdraw from working towards their passion due to self-doubt or disappointment from not being able to make it big among the crowd. Mr. Keshow Prasad Gupta, a vegetable trader by profession, says that he and his wife are deeply proud and happy that their son has chosen this amazing career path.

Fireboxx is a media and entertainment firm which came into existence from the September of 2019 with an aim to provide a platform to artists coming from all walks of life. We are a proud family of talented in-house poets, writers, singers, anchors, organisers and many more. Fireboxx family consists of many prominent artists from India and abroad. We also work in the field of book publishing, cover designing, book compilation, editing, distribution, and hosting open mic events. We have set foot into the areas of affiliate marketing and online stores. We have hosted several open mic events, competitions, and awards over the course of time and are continuing to do so. “Entrepreneurial magazine” is the most recent venture of Fireboxx. We continue to innovate and evolve as a team to excel in the field of entertainment, art, and business. We owe our success to the amazing people who collaborated with us and trusted us with their art and talent. Our aim is to keep up their faith in us now and forever!!”, proudly says the 22-year-old entrepreneur with a shining eye and a beam. A few of the achievements of the Fireboxx are:

Publication of 15 books in 18 months: Akash Gupta says that just within the span of the first 18 months, the publication of 15 books has been accomplished by the Fireboxx. Out of this, more than 500 authors contributed their art in 12 books.

Bagged a world record: With the help of his novel thinking and creativity, Akash Gupta was able to win the Kalam Book of World Records for the book “Meri Maa”. The book had poetries in Hindi, English and Punjabi. This provided a platform to about 35 authors from India and an Italian.

Fireboxx International Awards: This aims to honour the budding artists in the world of literature all around the globe in various categories. Nominations are still open for the same and Akash and his team are in the process of organising various aspects of the same.

The winning trail of this promising young man does not end here. In the series of records, Akash Gupta’s book “Secret of Love” was selected as an international publication. The book had published works of 33 Indian authors and 15 international authors. Akash has also been nominated for the Indian Achiever Award 2020.

He is also a proud winner of the International Kalam’s Golden Award (Best Achiever of the year 2021). Him and his brainchild,”Fireboxx” continues to shine bright in the world of books and literature. He is an inspiration to many youngsters who dream to make it big in the fields they are passionate about.




Article By-Urmila M S


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