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Let’s say you want to sell a house to the homeless, how would you sell it? Bear in mind that there are others who are doing the same thing. There are too many houses to sell and just a number of homeless people who can actually spend the money.
Everyone is doing something, large promises, benefits, talking about amenities all through ads and marketing.
Let’s say your houses are the best, and you manufacture them with best quality material and you use the best furniture and you still selling it below the market price, all that and you still can’t beat the competition. You are running ads, telling people about your product.
But still your main competitor whose houses are more expensive than yours and he used low quality material still sells more than you.
You are confused right?
Now let’s take a look at how you are selling it, your ads.
your ad shows a scene of a bedroom, well lit and good furniture, but your competitor’s ads have a happy family in it. Your Ad shows a drawing room with luxury furniture but in his ad it’s just kids playing video games on TV and they are happy.
In his ads the main subject is happy family, in your ads it’s an empty good-looking house. You see how content is working there? How his ad content is conveying a better message than yours and in result selling more houses than you.
Well, that’s the power of content and that’s why content is the king, and that’s where Creative Benchers comes into play. They create ads that are content focused.
Creative Benchers was founded by Harshdeep Singh and Preeti Chauhan in 2019 in Mohali. Harshdeep Singh’s main area of expertise has always been content that’s what inspired him for to found Creative Benchers.
Creative Benchers manage Politicians, Artists and Entrepreneurs. They also work with brands, and also help local small businesses to take advantage of social media to grow their business.

Creative Benchers is also into political and market research especially in Punjab. They also helped start Punjab Politix during 2022 Elections but had to part ways due to management crisis. Their research helped some candidates get a grip on their constituency which eventually helped them with their respective seats.

Creative Benchers believe research plays a very important part in Political Campaigns. Often small agencies ignore it, and they end up losing that seat. When you are working in a constituency you need to constantly research online and offline, every political agency knows that if their politician is going to win or lose, but most of them choose to do nothing about it.
Constant listening is the key when you are working in politics, talking to the people offline, listening to them online, that’s where the information lies.
Creative Benchers also helped with YS Jagan’s Reputation Management on Google.

They also helped Mamta Banerjee, MK Stalin launch their Election Campaign songs on Streaming services. Creative Benchers work as a consultant agency with other political campaign agencies and help them with their campaigns with content and ideas.

Creative Benchers also Created Saada Aala Radio, a Punjabi Podcast. Right now Saade Aala Radio is talk of the town in Punjab. It’s content is going viral.

Starting from 0 in March SAR is at 17k Subscribers on YouTube. Right now, it streams on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

The Premium service of Creative Benchers is Film promotion in Northern India.

They are working on a network where you can promote films through carefully curated cross campaigns which can reach millions in a matter of weeks or days. They will launch this program in by the end of September.
Punjabi Film Industry is going good at the moment but one thing in which it’s lacking behind is promoting the film, producers announce the movie a week before it’s release. And the problem with that is they don’t get the reception they need, Movies perform alright but there is potential for more, and the reason film makers are unable to do so, is because Industry lacks a platform where films can be promoted.
Creative Benchers is creating that platform, It consists of Offline Ads, Online Ads, TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Bus Ads, Flex Ads, Billboard Ads and Screen Ads.
They have also partnered with multiple Event management companies to arrange gamification like small game shows across Malls, Shopping Complexes and Public Places.
In past few years Punjab have witnessed the rise of Punjabi influencers and their follower count is in millions. Creative Benchers is also enrolling them in Movie promotion platform, their collective reach will be immense and would really make an impact when promoting a film or a song. When these 2 ways of targeting the audience are used together the results would be much better. This will be one of kind platform in Punjab. Right now, Filmmaker and promoters have to approach these mediums individually, negotiate the price and then do it.

This platform will change that, platform will work like a shopping app, where you choose the timeline of your campaign, select ways of advertising, region of advertising, choosing influencers and everything else including the budget just on their mobile. This ease of access to advertising and promotion will boost revenue and box office collection of films.
This platform will change the game in Punjabi Film Industry and will bring in more revenue for filmmakers which would eventually result in more risk-taking and eventually increasing the quality of the content that is being produced.

Creative Benchers is a group of passionate people who want to do something different.

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