Nutritionist Dr. Mehak Bansal has completed her Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition and is a Certified Nutritionist in Professional Weight loss and Fitness Nutrition from London. She has received Honorary Doctorate in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition for her contribution in this field for years and benefitting thousands of people worldwide in their health issues with her diet assistance and counseling.

She believes that diet is a lifestyle, it’s all about eating right. When we feel fit by our body, we feel by our mind as well. She is in practice since 2011 and has served over 20,000+ Clients globally. She empathizes with every client who has to do weight loss and is suffering from health issues pertaining because of that extra weight. She makes the diet program easy to follow and sustainable. She has a unique style of making clients comfortable and stays faithful to their health regimes.

She provides people with mentorship, customized, easy-to-follow nutrition, Exercise, and fitness solutions drawing from her example and experiences. This reliability addresses the gap that exists between most nutritionists and their clients. She believes that a one-on-one, close, personal interaction between her and her clients is critical to the success of any fitness program. Her different way of treating her clients makes her unique. She has herself lost 40 kgs in 11 months with a balanced diet which was published in THE TIMES OF INDIA twice. Her relationship with her clients is the place where the wishes of clients get together in the way they want.

” I believe that there are major health issues that can be resolved from a customized diet like PCOD, OBESITY, DIABETES whereas medicines only work on the symptoms of the problem. If the problem has to be removed from its roots, then a proper diet as per the medical condition can help- Dr. MEHAK BANSAL”

Diet is very important for sustaining healthy well-being. When you eat more than what is required by your body, it not only stores fat in your body but it makes you lethargic, you become so negative sometimes, and things like stress, depression, and anxiety do bother you. 

She caters to clients all over the world through her website, phone calls, WhatsApp, and emails.

Her idea is to bring health, witness, and integrative wellness to the forefront of lifestyle interventions!



 Dr. Mehak Bansal helps several parents of special children with their diets at places like MOM’s BELIEF ( Keshav Puram), CHILD DEVELOPMENT CLINIC (Moti Nagar) and SUNSHINE CENTRE ( Gurgaon ), and Several online platforms free of cost.



 ** Represented as a DELEGATE in WHO ( World Health Organization ) Committee from India at IMUN (International Model UNITED NATIONS ) where Mehak Bansal gave a speech over Health Issues and Coverage in India as a nutritionist*

 ** Received International Women’s Day Award BY Mountaineer ANITA KUNDU on 8th March 2021 for Best Nutritionist*

 ** Received National Healthcare Achievement Award for Best Nutritionist – PCOD AND THYROID 2021.*

**  Received Global Business Award by Renowned Actress Prachi Desai for Best Child and Adolescent Nutritionist 2021.*

**  Felicitated as the Health Ambassador, 2020 at National Women’s Health Summit by Magicka.*

**  Received National Achievers Award by Renounced Actress Kriti Sanon for Best Diet and Nutrition in 2019.*

**  Invited as a speaker and Counselled over 200 people at the ART OF LIVING event at Temple of Knowledge, Delhi in 2017.*

**  Chosen as Speaker and Health Facilitator for an Event organized by UNIMOM group at Connaught Place, Delhi where women were counseled about pre and post-pregnancy health issues.*

In the last, She would like to inform all readers that the quote “You are what you eat” is a fact. If you start making healthy choices in your diet, this will reflect not only in your body but in different instances of life.



You can also personally connect mehak bansal on


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