“Central India’s first well equipped commercial heat treatment plant to come up in Chhattisgarh”

For a long time now the businesses of central India were in dire need of a well-equipped commercial heat treatment plant and this very need was identified and is now being addressed by MrSajal Majumdar. Along with him he has the highly capable core team of Manish Madhavan and Manoj Balakrishnan, the trio is spearheading the task of setting up of Central India’s first commercial heat treatment plant in Chhattisgarh with Balan Ispat And Forging Pvt. Ltd.

Balan Ispat and Forging Pvt Ltd. is the brainchild of Sajal Majumdar, Manish Madhavan and Manoj Balakrishnan. The idea of Balan Ispat was conceptualized first by MrSajal Majumdar who has extensive experience of 30+ years in the forging industry. He then joined hands with Manish Madhavan, an educationist turned experienced entrepreneur and Manoj Balakrishnan, a marketing major to further execute the idea of setting up Balan Ispat& Forging Pvt. Ltd. Balan Ispat& Forging aims at eradicating this gap and provide small and medium businesses access to world-class, reliable yet cost-effective techno-economical products. With this, Balan Ispat will be the answer for the industries like steel, cement, coal mines, oil & gas etc. for all things related to forging and heat treatment.

What is also interesting about Balan Ispat And Forging Pvt Ltd is the fact that while they intend to build well equipped & ultra-modern commercial heat treatment plant in Chhattisgarh which will be the first of its kind in central India, their network sets them apart. Being well connected with many high-end forging units of India enables them to take complete forging orders where the forging jobs are done by their associate forging units. Balan Ispat then will follow the heat treatment & machining of the forged products in their own heat treatment plant in Chhattisgarh. This gives the small, medium and large scale businesses access to both the forging and heat treatment facilities from one contact point.

Balan Ispat& Forging aims to combine the traditional aspects of forging with the smart technology of open die forging to present forged materials that are made in India and yet will pass international standards. The target market will also benefit from the competitive costing which will ensure reduced overheads leading to an extremely competitive final price.

What also sets apart Balan forge from the geographical advantage of the central region is their highly trained, experienced and efficient team. The chairman Sajal Majumdar hails from West Bengal and is a science graduate. He is professionally qualified in forging from NIFFT Ranchi who boasts of an impressive career in forging which spans over three decades. Having serviced over 100 companies and has worked with giants like M/S MackeilIspat& Forging Ltd, which is one of the biggest Open Die Forging Company in India, gives Mr Majumdar an upper hand in heading the technical division where he supervises the output of world-class, economical forging products.

The Managing Director, Mr Manish Madhavan proudly calls himself a Bhilai born Malayali. An educationist & experienced entrepreneur at the core, Manish hails from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and has a strong educational background as well as first-hand experience in business administration as well as a professional degree from a reputed university. Manish, with his impressive career spanning over 15+ years, specializes in liasoning and policy formations. With his strong business administration acumen and local connections, he forms an integral part of the management team.

The third member of the team, Mr Manoj Balakrishnan is a marketing wizard and also hails from Bhilai. This gives the team added advantage in understanding the needs of the local businesses. With over 25 years of marketing experience and has worked in marketing across various industries such as manufacturing, finance, insurance, telecommunications and many more, Manoj heads the marketing wing of Balan Ispat& Forging Pvt. Ltd. He has worked with both national and international brands. Being from Bhilai, he understands the pulse of the market and adds marketing expertise to the emerging and highly favourable business model of Balan Ispat& forging Pvt. Ltd.

In a time where businesses are working towards extreme measures &cost-effectiveness while also trying to maintain quality for their customers, Balan Ispat& Forging Pvt. Ltd. is the answer for all requirements related to open die forging and heat treatments. Balan Ispat aims at solutions where businesses will benefit from the competitive costing, timely delivery and cost effective materials which will ensure reduced overheads leading to an extremely competitive final price.

Here’s wishing the team at Balan Ispat& Forging Pvt. Ltd. tremendous success.

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