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“Make a special occasion of your life a memorable one with the personalized magazine from Central Convoy”

Every occasion is special in life be it a birthday, a wedding day, or your maternity days as these are the days you can’t wait to celebrate. Modernizing the Album Version, Central Convoy launched its personalized magazine in 2017 with an idea of creating a gift for best friend that eventually turned into a successful business. Central convoy personalized magazine can be customized for all the occasion from Birthdays, anniversary, or model portfolio, catalogues for business, pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, baby shower and many more. Besides this, Central Convoy is further planning to expand their wings and take it to schools and companies using it as a medium of R&Rs and newsletters.

Central Convoy was founded by Akansha Jain with the mission to enrich the custom of gifting in a unique way so that everyone feels it as a personal gesture when they gift their near and dear with something extraordinary. Under the leadership of Akansha, Central Convoy has a dedicated team of writers and designers who passionately works in their own sphere and captures every detail of the clients and their love story or life story to create every beautiful piece with artistic presentation and publish it in a luxurious manner. Central Convoy has created more than 1000 magazines with exceptional creativity in the form of newspapers, magazines and books every day since its inceptions. The team at Central Convoy accepts orders of any size from 1 to 10000 pieces and promises to deliver on time without compromising on the quality.

Hailing from Pune Maharashtra Akansha has a demonstrated history of working in corporate as a team leader before establishing Central Convoy. She shares the process in a crux “We send questionnaires to our clients and our team of writers prepares the content based on the answers provided by them and design it accordingly. And the glint in the eyes of our clients and a smile on their face on seeing their finalized publication really makes our day”. Each copy produced by Central Convoy is unique with its own set of story. Central Convoy makes sure that the Magazine is made with clients’ requirement so they tend to cover the whole journey of the clients together with range of products in case of branding/portfolios creating their own exclusive magazine featuring the owner on the cover page and that makes Central convoy stand apart from the crowd.

The team Central convoy is client centric in their dealing where each and every piece of content is designed as per the client’s tastes and needs interms of favorite colors, series, food and others and try to make the Magazine around these aspects and gets approved before finalizing the magazine and sending for final publication. Akansha with her team leaves no stone unturned in maintaining the creativity strokes and the authenticity in consideration of the client’s preferences. While many companies were hurt during lockdown but Central Convoy has gained lots of new and returning clients in digital form. Even after the lockdown was lifted people have embraced this Central Convoy’s personalized magazine as a suitable gift as a perfect surprise option.

One characteristic that mostly describes Akansha is ‘Unstoppable’. Akansha had formed central convoy by quitting her job and there was a brief period where she had no income but she did not leave her hope,rather she was consistent. Though she had experienced self doubt towards the destination of her goal but she never got deviated from her aim, neither had she allowed any negativity to come in between her knowledge nor any of her capability. Eventually she stood tall!

Akansha with her team keeps brainstorming for better operations by remaining updated. They keep taking reviews from the clients for better experience. Theyspare no effort to make each Magazine with a personal touch for the Client. There are various activities which they hem in the magazine such as word search, interview, Crossword, Love Coupons and many more. All these activities further help them to work on designing in different styles.

Akansha Signs off with her words of wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneurs “Be the reason someone smiles. Always take feedbacks from the clients and accept every review positively as it eventually helps you to improve. We are sometimes amazed with the ideas we get from clients when we customize their magazines for their loved ones and always be open for learning and to improve your working”.

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