ceNdor Industry, A Eco-Friendly Startup is Celebrating 2 Years of their successful journey.

India, a rapidly rising economy with a population of over 1 billion people, has a massive energy requirement. In terms of power production and consumption, the country is ranked sixth in the globe. Electricity production has increased over time, but we cannot ignore the fact that the country’s population has grown as well. The majority of the country’s power is generated from coal (53 percent), and the country’s coal supplies are expected to run out by 2040-50. Villages are home to more than 72 percent of the people, and half of the villages lack power. It is past time for our country to place a greater emphasis on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy sources.

To satisfy this rising demand, ceNdor was founded with the goal of spreading the benefits of solar energy over the world and connecting solar with electric vehicles to reduce future costs and boost savings. Solar energy is, without a question, the best kind of energy for meeting India’s energy needs and closing the energy demand-supply gap. With the most recent advancement, ceNdor Industry has teamed up with Superlex to provide home and kitchen equipment in both AC and DC modes (AC Mode – Superlex and DC Mode – ceNdor). Both entities decided to transfer their respective manufacturing and selling/marketing responsibilities for the sake of mutual advantage.

Needless to mention, Power generation is a daily duty, and ceNdor bears a significant responsibility in the solar industry. CeNdor’s solar experts are well-versed in the fundamentals of power, and their work is gaining popularity across India as a result of its high quality. CeNdor manufactures home and kitchen appliances, as well as all connected solar items, in both AC and DC modes, under the SUPERLEX and ceNdor brands, respectively. CeNdor Industry and Superlex Appliances have partnered to build a J curve growth line that will allow them to manufacture and distribute a wide range of home and kitchen appliances, as well as solar-related items. In DC mode, “ceNdor” leads, and in AC mode, “Superlex” leads.

The majority of today’s buyers are looking for things that can be totally customised while being fairly priced. As a result, manufacturers are continuously concerned with producing high-quality goods at low volumes. Integration of automation technology with business and manufacturing processes is one-way businesses can address this issue. Superlex and ceNdor’s joint venture has added numerous benefits, including access to new markets and distribution networks, a stronger market position and increased bargaining power, cost savings and growth opportunities, improved decision-making, and financial benefits, and many others, as well as better management, to analyze and handle supply chain problems to improve efficiency, profitability, and customer service. Their district heads are also available with a diverse choice of items, as you may find products that operate in both AC and DC modes at one location.

If you’re new to solar, the ceNdor Industry suggests getting acquainted with the AC and DC modes. Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) are two types of electricity (DC). AC stands for alternating current, while DC stands for direct current. “AC” or “DC” power refers to the “flow” or “shape” of an electric charge. In some way, DC is coupled to the Solar PV system. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers use electric motors that are typically driven by AC; however, these appliances can now be powered by solar power plants as well. Electric gadgets and batteries are the primary beneficiaries of DC electricity. A few examples: torches, flat-screen TVs, solar lights, DC fans, electric cars, etc.

For DC (ceNdor) and AC (Superlex) domestic goods, you can connect with ceNdor. They also provide Superlex Product District-Heads, Distributorships, and Dealerships across India, which is a monopoly designated exclusively for the ceNdor Industry. To get the most out of all products (whether AC mode (Superlex) or DC mode (ceNdor) at a cheap cost, you can contact the District Head of ceNdor Industry directly.

Claim to Fame – ceNdor Industry

  • ceNdor Industry has completed two years of its existence on 3rd March 2022 in the solar industry with the establishment of various solar plants and solar products.
  • ceNdor Industry has also begun associating with various government projects.
  • ceNdor industry also awarded by various government and Well known personalities for Trusted solar Startup and Rural development .
  • ceNdor industry articles also published in various Magazines like Global Business Magazine etc.

Customers may expect to see a larger selection of things with significant discounts and other benefits. The ceNdor Industry Team and District Heads will assist you in providing AC, DC Mode household and kitchen appliances, as well as other related solar items, in one convenient location across India. Feel free to contact them if you want to become a district head, take over a distributorship or a dealership for home and kitchen appliances, or join our team in India at 

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