“A photo paints a thousand words and each photo completes the major picture of life, an expression of emotion in the form of communication some resplendent while some sombre, some with visual language while some muted. Photography, inch-perfect serves as the dynamic language that says it all around the world in a frame and the popular images captured by the photographer Jay Vardhan Sharan justifies it”

Photography is the most powerful medium to narrate stories around the world captured by the camera, be it capturing the snippet of any culture, any serene landscape, or any wonders of the world, busy humdrum life, and any Indian traditional attire. Photography is the only language that communicates about every profound implications of the world and can be shared. Presenting such 5 exotic popular photos captured by Jay that definitely justifies that photography is the only universally accepted language that depicts about our life, our identity, our developments, our institutions, our feelings, and our desires.

1. A serene landscape at Leh.

    Landscape photography depicts the universal language with regards to the aura, beauty and peace around it behind the visual delight creatively communicates a message that calms our souls. It beholds such wowness that the still image seems to speak to us call us into its physical space. The gesture of river, and mountains has some kind of expanse and flow that draws you close and you feel it. Indeed a thing for our eye that takes us to wander!

2. The sky scrapers of Dubai – Icons of an ever changing city.

     This certainly depicts the potent language of modernity and dramatic development and the symbol of attraction at large. The icons of the developed city, structured in a concrete architect serve as the redefinition of a graceful creation. The fascinating image passes on a strong message of the stunning work of art when embedded with an incomparable feat of engineering sets a new benchmark of economic strength.

3. Growling and fierce Lion of Sasangir.

    Sign of communication through loud roars this photo of lion symbolizes strength, anger, dominance, and pain behind the roar and at times warning as a defence of the pride against intruders. One photo but says it all circulating around the emotions, feelings and care.

4. A beautiful dancer representing the culture of Rajasthan.

    This intriguing photograph depicts the colorful rich culture and history that is vibrant, opulent and mesmerizingly beautiful. The lively Rajasthani folk dance is not just attractive it gives a snippet of their skill and gracefulness with a display of colorful and intricate design. The attire in the still image is the important aspect which clearly reflects its opulent heritage with a fascinating history of royal elegance behind it.

5. Elegant look of a woman in Saree (Sari)

 The sensuality of the image grabbed attention of an Indian attire, Saree that defines the versatility and beauty. The unparalleled charm of the Naga girl in the image reflects the traditional form and style that’s captivating all over the world. It communicates about today’s fashion around the Indian garment complimenting the tremendous craftsmanship and artistic finesse compelled by skilled professional. The image serves as an excerpt that it is the perfect attire that adds style and grace in the lifestyle.

Jay is a Delhi based photographer whose work his exhibited in different Indian states. His photographs have got special recognition on top international photography platforms like youpic.com, Nat Geo yourshot, viewbug.com and 35 Awards Russia to name a few.

Jay has been associated with photography since 2013. He’s a management Post Graduate from Massey University, Newzealand. Professionally, he works as a Monitoring Manager with a leading Travel & Tech company in NCR. He likes traveling to new places, and captures the beauty of that place. The photographs that accompany this article are from his popular collection taken through the web. He mentors young talent and is just a DM away for interesting collaborations. Find him on LinkedIn or Instagram @jvsphotogallery.

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