Can K. K. Nag take the legacy of plastic processes into the future effectively?

K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd has been pioneering new plastic processes, manufacturing, and packaging in India for more than half a century. Founded in Pune in 1965 by the late Mr and Mrs Kalyan Kumar Nag, the company has a strong foundation rooted in innovation and continuous improvement. Mr. Milon K. Nag, CMD Of K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, highlighted, “K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd was founded in 1965 in order to pioneer new plastic products and processes in India. It saw many ups and many downs until the turn of the last century when it embraced Total Quality Management as its North Star, which steadied the ship.”

K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd’s association with EPS or Thermocole actually predates the company itself. Prior to starting K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd, Mr Kalyan Kumar Nag was a partner at R. A. Cole & Co. It was during Mr Nag’s stint there that his partner, Mr R. A. Cole, and he, developed EPS resin for the first time in India. They named the product Thermocole – “Thermo” for heat and “Cole ” for Mr R. A. Cole – which is currently the generic name for Expanded Polystyrene in India.

The main line of business focuses on moulding plastic foams such as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) in India. K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd has the capacity to process 8,500 MT of EPS, EPP and other foams at the four factories, making K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd one of the largest EPS shape moulders in India. Products are manufactured at factories located in Pune (at two locations), Puducherry, and Chennai, making K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd one of the most reputed and most technically progressive EPS processors in India.

EPS is one of the most cost-effective protective packaging materials. It possesses an extraordinary combination of lightness, rigidity, and shock absorption, making EPS extremely versatile. EPS is also used for packaging pharmaceutical, agricultural, marine, industrial products. K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd’s insulated boxes are made as per customer specifications to package various white goods and other fragile products.

In line with the company’s EPP and EPS manufacturing sector, earlier this year, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd’s launched RecyCole – a Thermocole recycling initiative. The organization has partnered with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and local waste collection organisations like SWaCH and Adar Poonawalla Clean City (APCC) Initiative to collect and recycle Thermocole waste across Pune city.

RecyCole – K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd’s Thermocole recycling initiative – utilises a mechanical Thermocole recycling machine that was purchased from Denmark over 25 years ago. This machine breaks down used Thermocole into Thermocole granules that are then re-used during our production process. This machine has a capacity to recycle up to 220 kg per hour. Through Recycole, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd’s aim is to assist with Thermocole waste collection from around the Pune city, thereby preventing Thermocole waste from accumulating in rivers and landfills or on the streets.

Rotational moulding is another important arm of the company in India. K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd has a factory dedicated to this activity in Pune with two rotational moulding machines with a capacity of 1,475 MT per annum. The rotomoulding division caters to customers from various sectors such as Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Durables, Exhibition, Food and Beverage, Marine, Material Handling and Solar Energy. K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd exports proprietary sanitation products worldwide to international aid agencies like UNICEF, MSF, ACF and IFRC.

K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd also has a brand of rotomoulded tanks, pallets, insulated tubs and floats. One of the premier products made by their rotomoulding division in India is the NagMagic Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs (also known as Squatting Plates, Latrine Slabs and Latrine Plates). These slabs are the quickest and most efficient method for building latrines in emergencies. Light weight and moulded these Squatting Slabs can be placed over trenches or pits up to 1 m wide, while just 100 mm rests on firm ground. The uniform shape, low thickness and a unique “nesting” feature makes them portable and easy to transport.

In addition, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd has a centralised Tool Room in Pune that caters to all the plastic processing plants. Furthermore, K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd  has a Waste Treatment Division that focuses on setting up Bio-Digesters and Bio-STP systems also located in Pune.

K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd is a TQM-driven, customer-focused company with all the factories certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. Three of five plastic processing plants are also certified for IATF 16949:2016. In addition to this, Mr. Milon K. Nag highlighted that K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd prides itself on its core values and guiding principles: “It’s core values are Integrity, Customer Focus, Innovation, Teamwork and Excellence. It’s guiding principles are Total Quality Management, Safety, Respect, Competitiveness and Corporate Social Responsibility.”

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