CA Piyush Gupta – New Age Taxation & Accounting Coach.

The Biggest problem of the youth of India is unemployment, and a major part of the graduated students are not satisfied with their job. Everyone blames the government & the ecosystem for the same, but a few try to find the real reason behind that. CA Piyush Gupta, Chartered Accountant by qualification & Edupreneur by profession, doesn’t believe in blaming others. He says, “Real reason for not finding a suitable job is lack of practical skills required by the industry. We as students always focus on marks and forget to enhance our skills. So we can say that unemployment is curable.”

CA Piyush Gupta has started providing top-quality earning-oriented and skill-based certification courses at a well-known eLearning platform – Smartious Commerce Academy. All the courses are industry-ready practical courses and include GST Certification Course along with Income Tax, Accounting, Website Development, Spoken English & 9+ other courses.

Most of the students have a misconception that Taxation and Accounting Advisory work can be done by people with commerce backgrounds and, in particular, advocates and chartered accountants only. However, anyone from any educational background can become an advisor if he gains proper practical education. CA Piyush Gupta adds, “Around 30% of the students learning taxation and accounting at Smartious are from non-commerce background, and after learning these certification courses they are earning very good.”

He describes Smartious as a step closure to Atmanirbhar Bharat, a remarkable idea promoted by PM Narendra Modi. CA Piyush Gupta inspired a lot of individuals to start their venture and to generate employment for themselves and others.

CA Piyush Gupta has mentored more than 90,000 students in the last 20 months in online mode and helped them start their own venture or grab their dream job. He has been awarded several awards, including Haridwar Gaurav Samman, Innovative Teacher Award, Rising Star Award, Student’s Choice Award & Edtech Entrepreneur Award by Mr. Saurav Ganguli (Cricketer). Besides online education, CA Piyush Gupta also provides offline classes at Haridwar, Uttarakhand, to commerce students, including Class 11, 12, CA, CS, & CMA, in a unique, fun-loving innovative manner.

The success of any organisation depends on its team. The Smartious team includes Mr. Manish Gupta, Mrs. Anjana & Ms. Gargi (financial planner). Within a short span of 20 months, Smartious has achieved great success due to the team’s combined efforts, which always focus on high-quality education. 

CA Piyush Gupta says, “We all together can change the nation and can generate employment for others too. In upcoming years, we have several other projects in the pipeline for youth of India.”

When asked about upcoming projects, he replied, “Majority of the professionals like CAs are still depended on the typical traditional offline methods of working and growing their practice, which is not much effective at present time. We are working on India’s first transformation program for professionals like CA, CS, CMA & Doctors where they will be mentored from scratch about growing their practice in online mode all over the India in 21st century.”

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