Entrepreneurs work long hours, unlike most people. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is getting things done as it requires extensive concentration, patience, perseverance, and willpower, and the traits described above need a periodic reset, which can only be achieved by taking small breaks or vacations.”

There is no denying that everyone needs a break occasionally, yet many people do not use their vacation time. Taking a break does not make you quit your responsibility; instead, it will enable you to retrieve from all your hustle and bustle, so you can return to work renewed and refocused. In such cases, TAKE A BREAK by Bonvo can be a helping hand.

Bonvo is not a typical holiday company. They are the concept trip designers. In the past, these packages were only available to the upper class or famous entrepreneurs who were taken to Europe or to experience Royal Caribbean cuisine. Here’s how Bonvo’s TAKE A BREAK sets itself apart by providing small and medium-sized businesses packages.

With Bonvo’s TAKE A BREAK, you can network seamlessly without giving up on the true meaning of a vacation. We are sure to meet business people who are now well rested and available to mingle with new people.

TAKE A BREAK by Bonvo is providing a unique and exciting opportunity in which 40 business families will coalesce in the Crown Plaza Kochi on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January 2022 and in Kumarakom Lake Resort on 4th, 5th and 6th of March 2022. In addition to having a relaxing vacation, the families of the ever-busy entrepreneurs will be able to do business networking, arrange partnerships and deals, locate franchises, make new investments, and generate business as well, which is quite normal. There are quite a few similarities and daily struggles among these 40 families that will break the ice and make them feel connected. 

Furthermore, it is also necessary to establish business connections and expand the capabilities of the present industry along with sharing their professional and personal experiences and interests by getting to know each other’s hectic schedules and by understanding how they deal with them. So creating a business networking during the staycations with other entrepreneurs will be beneficial in having a broad and balanced relationship network. Repeated transactions result beyond the capabilities of an individual business, job creation, and opportunities and information access.

There is a bonus of the entertainment and the fun-filled package, where one has the opportunity to meet, interact and conduct photoshoots with the most famous celebrities such as Mr Madhu Bhaskar( Motivational speaker), Mr Kouchouseph Chitilapally ( founder of V-Guard), Mr Ramesh Pisharady (Cine actor), Mr Mohammed Riyas(Minister for Public Works Department and Tourism), Baiju M.Nair( Travel vlogger), Raj Kalesh (Chef, Magician, TV host), Singer Arya Dayal and the sare ga ma pa team members.

TAKE A BREAK by Bonvo also offers forty entrepreneurs a six-month PR campaign. In business, trust plays a significant role, as, without it, a potential sale is lost. Because of this, public relations campaigns are created to bridge the gap between clients and businesses.

We are the storytellers and image shapers of your business. We help to generate positive publicity and enhance your reputation through media, social media or making self-produced communications about your business available to customers and investors. Communication strategies that strike tone are something we do. If necessary, prompt, honest responses are what we provide to safeguard your brand and ensure your peace of mind. It’s a two-for-one deal.

The brain needs a break every once in a while in order to stay focused and sharp. Therefore, take time for yourself and invest in your growth so that your business can succeed because you are its most valuable asset. Get the opportunity to meet business contacts you’ve always wanted to get to know – but were too busy to arrange – presents themselves here at this event.

Come and be part of this holiday package where everyone will talk about you after the event. So what are you waiting for? Let’s join hands with the top forty business owners from around the state.


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