“Blanky is a creative agency based out of New Delhi, India that helps brands and businesses gain a competitive advantage in the connected world with its out of the box unique ideas.”

Specializing in brand identity, social media and OOH with a cumulative experience of 25 years, Blanky creative agency has a demonstrated history of working with world class brands like Hilti India, Rapido, TVS, Red FM, Hindustan Unilever, Pizza Hut, Lybrate, Honda and many more. “The approach to every creative piece is keeping in mind with the target audience and an agenda to create experiences that the potential audience/customer can relate to, as they go through the illustrations and designs of the company says Founder & Creative Director, Saurabh Sharma.” The essence of geometry, colour, and direct typography makes Blanky, there easy choice for those who seek to infuse fresh ideas in their branding.

Blanky Creative Agency is skilled at approaching and solving problems in innovative ways. Being a client centric organization, the team closely manages and monitors every minute detail and procedure pertaining to designs and illustrations. Irrespective of the market presence that their client enjoys, for Blanky it is imperative to have a close contact with them and deliver the best in the business. Working silently and diligently, behind the scenes, the team is motivated to deliver the best design suited to the needs of each and every client.

The agency follows the strategised method of analysing the needs of the clients, assessing the target audience of branding/illustrations and designs, customised to the needs of individual clients so as to ensure maximum visibility on the various digital media platforms. Their services include Advertising, Branding, Content development, OTT Advertising, Print, Packaging, Website, Social Media Strategy and many more.

Apart from creating a niche in the digital media market, Blanky Creative Agency takes up various projects to explore and expand their horizon and work with new ideas that fall under the umbrella of marketing and advertising by going beyond their creative boundaries. There is consistent passion for developing novel ways of creating content to match up with the ever evolving digital platforms and the way advertisements are being consumed by the audience. The team is constantly researching and educating itself on the updates that can help it advise and provide better services for its clients. The team at Blanky Creative Agency comprises of expertise like Designers, Creative directors, writers, researchers and digital marketing experts among others.

Blanky Creative agency is not just creative they always go to extraordinary length to build unique advertisement that can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the audience. Their perfect blend of market knowledge and management skills makes each and every advertisement yield desired result and create an everlasting impression of the brand amongst its customers. They consider every business and brand in terms of their customer base, customer experience, need and satisfaction. Their expertise, skill and unique ideas develop extraordinary solutions required by a business to accomplish its targets.

The team at Blanky’s comes up with unique art forms and out of the box ideas consistent with the need of a business. They customise their ideas to suit the client’s requirements and administer content and design that helps to highlight the business to target audience.

If you are looking for innovative ideas and a first mover’s advantage for your company in the world of fast paced digital marketing, create more visibility for your brand and and elevate its name amongst the audience, then Blanky Creative Agency is the answer.

Contact – hey@blanky.in/ +91 7838159377

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