BJP MLA Asks Villager to Swear He Had Voted for Party to Get Lights at Home


Image for representation.

Image for representation.

You expect something from a person, whom you have given something, Veer Vikram Singh (Prince), MLA from Katra Assembly constituency in Shahjahanpur said.

  • PTI Shahjahanpur
  • Last Updated:July 13, 2021, 08:04 IST

A video has gone viral in which an Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA is purportedly shown asking a villager to allegedly swear that the man had voted for the saffron party, when the legislator was requested to install lights in his home.

In the video that went viral on Monday, Veer Vikram Singh (Prince), the MLA from Katra Assembly constituency in Shahjahanpur, was addressing a tree plantation programme held recently and listing the development works done by him when a villager had requested him to install lights at his home.

To this, the legislator said, “You swear either pointing towards river Ganga or by your son and say that you have voted for us (BJP), and I will get the lights installed at your home. You expect something from a person, whom you have given something.”

As the villager said that he was just making a request, the BJP MLA replied, “Request that person, whom you had given something. Had you given (me your vote), you would have the right to stand on my chest. Don’t try to fool me. My father has been a four-time MLA. I am an MLA.”

“Do you think that I don’t know how many votes I have got at each booth. You could have complained, if you had voted for me, and I had not provided you lights,” the legislator further said in the video.

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