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Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat – skin coach, owner and founder of skin studio.

Bhuvneahwari customises skin care and hair care products as per skin type, season and age. ‘Skin Studio’ also customises skincare pre-bridal packages. All the products are organic, and home made. Bhuvneshwari says how the same medicine doesn’t work for any illness exactly how can one skin products work on all?! It depends on season, skin type, age and skin issue. 

Bhuvneshwari customises skincare packages for brides to do at home with complete food guidance for skin as well, which is #newnormal. She has been awarded as your icon, and we have seen her in many magazines as well. 

“I love to customise products for my brides as per their skin need,” says Bhuvneshwari. “My favourite pass time is to discover new fragrances and which is now lost.” She says, “nature has magic, and one needs to discover it. We have the most precious gift called ‘Ayurveda,’ and when we mix it with science, it can create wonders!

When we asked her how do you customise products, she replied,

“I customise it as per skin type, season and age. I have done courses, and because of this passion, I keep creating organic ingredients which give benefits to skin and hair.” She further said, “As per today’s lifestyle, atmosphere and lot of stress it’s natural that we damage our skin and hair, at times we cannot stop our lifestyle, but we can add a lot of organic and natural ingredients to maintain our skin and hair quality. It defiantly shows visible change and helps to prevent premature ageing. Skincare is as good as our daily routine and definitely should be a part of it. Not only what we apply on skin matters but also what we eat that matters too…”

At ‘Skin Studio,’ I customise packages for my brides, which include the guidance of healthy eating for good skin and hair too. I guide them as per their need, and it really helps them for better skin and hair!

Skincare is all about understanding your skin, and we at ‘Skin Studio’ help them to follow proper skincare, which is good for that particular skin type. 

Our brides get a radiance in the skin as we make a chart for them which includes customised products as well as we guide them with food that helps in skin glow and good hair for their ‘d-day!’

Our packages are totally based on skin, age and skin needs. Anti-aging, Bridal, Pre-teen, Skin glow, Skin detox and much more things are available.

We strongly believe that what we eat and apply both things are responsible for our skin and hair type! At skin studio by – Bhuvneshwari, we make sure to use all the ingredients as per season and skin type. It’s organic and natural as well…

Whatever we apply on our face goes inside our skin with our pores, so it is very much important to apply products that are natural and as per skin needs!

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