Bhupesh Mittal : Story of Small Town Boy Who Started His Company and Became Technology Giant of his City

Bhupesh Mittal is an engineer and the owner of a technology firm named My Invented ( ) and the Co-founder of E-cell called BIC. His offices are located in Jaipur, Delhi, and Pilani. He began Business adventure by establishing the BIC E-cell and Incubation Center in his institution to foster entrepreneurship (BKBIET Innovation center)(Link: ).

In his college, Bhupesh was really enthusiastic about creating a community that drives business with technology and humanity as its top priority so, just at the age of 21, Bhupesh finally decided and founded his very own technology firm that solely caters towards humanity while also implementing the best technological advances possible, called My Invented which was awarded in the top 10 mobile marketing companies of India by Silicon India Magzine. His company was one of a kind and offered many great and unique services like:

  • mobile marketing
  • digital marketing
  • site design
  • other technology-related services

After a few successful months of running a small business, Bhupesh decided to relocate and begin operations of his firm in Jaipur. Due to a lack of business expertise, things began to go awry. He assumed it was a location issue, so Bhupesh along with his team relocated to Bangalore to try his luck. Unfortunately, he failed once more and realized that chance isn’t what drives business but expertise is.

He returned home and began working on his business skills with various courses and gurus. He began taking lessons at least 12 hours each day to gain business skills, and also became a partner in a state pharmaceutical distributor for a separate corporation. There, Bhupesh learned a variety of essential business skills such as people management and other talents.

Even after gaining so much experience and polishing his skills in the pharmaceutical sector, his actual love was still technology, so he exited that business with profits and returned back to his original technology business. Shortly after returning, he was able to successfully operate a business in his hometown before relocating to Jaipur. He believed that digital marketing was a new market booming with a lot of undiscovered potentials, he also gave many speeches at different events.

Soon, Bhupesh began to study digital marketing and other new marketing strategies. In his journey, he came across certain businesses that he mentored and shared his expertise with, and they began to develop more efficiently while reaching their growth target sooner than they expected. Bhupesh thought, why not assist other startups to grow and establish an ecosystem where he can help them with basic technical support at the lowest cost possible?

Now the start-up that Bhupesh advised is currently thriving and growing at a rapid pace.  are two examples. In terms of technology, his company is now collaborating with several Ukrainian developers to create a digital marketing solution that will allow businesses to distribute their content across many platforms using a single AI-enabled dashboard.

Where once Bhupesh started as an engineer has gradually made his way up the ladder, becoming an entrepreneur and while also being the Co-founder of E-cell called BIC then turning his talent into helping small startups and entrepreneurs by his youth coaching. Now, with all his expertise and qualification, Bhupesh is forming a joint venture in Dubai to help his firm grow even more.

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