BFM app is the new quick access to endless opportunities for young internet surfers!

Black Fox Millennium is a diverse and revolutionary start-up by Tanishk Nigam with co-founders Ankit Saksena and Anmol Kapoor. Establishing back in 2019, they’ve emerged as a futuristic approach to create a hub for artists seeking opportunities and recognition in this up roaring digital world. Youngsters no longer have to wait to show-case their talents as it has been made easy and super simplified with just one click away. BFM app is a magnifying medium for people desiring great offers on right platform without wasting their time and receive the appreciation they deserve. This innovative application stands out as network for professional candidates to find connections within a specific radar and allows them to form a workable team and advance profitably.

Hailing from Kanpur, 21-year-old Tanishk Nigam is the visionary behind this venture. Dropping his engineering back in 2017, he dedicated himself to explore and nurture this organization he envisioned for himself as well as those passionate and hungry for success. Joining AAFT University in Delhi to pursue B.Sc. in Cinema and Film making, his creativity and ideas resonated with Ankit Saksena, who was pursuing the same stream and hails from Kolkata. Soon their notions were grounded, determination was rooted and the millennium to the Black Fox started budding!

In order to amplify their motives and intellection, they required someone who can extract their cogitation and code it into a digital rostrum. That is how they discovered an equally enthusiastic Anmol Kapoor, who is an android and iOS developer. He is a final year BTech student at BML Munjal University and lives in Kanpur. It is commendable to state that he was able to assemble all of their manifold ideas into a minimalistic app within a span of only seven months, using Flutter framework, Dart, JavaScript and Typescript languages.

BFM app brings together people with varied professions like author, content writer, voice-over artist, graphic designer, photographer, independent filmmaker et cetera beneath a slim screen and provides a user-friendly interface to interact and collaborate without any trouble or hesitation. The app is available on Google Play store and Apple App store, exhibiting a sleek and unique design. The user can create his/her account in few seconds and choose among the numerous professions available. By entering their profession, collaborating with various artists and individuals is made easier and account visibility is enhanced. You don’t have to mindlessly scroll and search as your feed will automatically present you your preferred categories and offers. Both the individuals can chat and connect without any third party interference. The user’s profile can have followers, photos, specific tags and a filtered beneficial content.

The vision of BFM company and BFM app is to reconstruct the way youngsters use social media apps and platforms these days, summing up entertainment and work profile simultaneously. This is a place where the audience doesn’t just add, but instead multiplies their skills and expands it further. The founding members believe in amalgamating a network of talented youth and collectively investing their zeal and potential into an ever-lasting bequest.

“Network is your net worth and proficiency is your profit”

The promising ideology and receptiveness behind this challenging adventure was what brought this trio together and pushed them to design this digital formula. Tanishk called this concoction Black Fox and Millennium was later added by Ankit as a beginning for a legacy.

Company ensures the safe and secure use of app after the successful Beta and Alpha testing, rendering it free from glitches, errors and other problems. Beta experts claim BFM app to be smarter and smoother to function and is advised to everyone who wish to indulge into an unconventional way of life.

Conclusively, the three young creators are stoked for the users to install the application and discover what it enfolds for them. The app has an outstanding rating of 4.9 stars and the reviews from the satisfied users speaks for the deal-to-steal package of this application, making it invigorating to use.

Install the BFM app and find out paid gigs and propel into an amazing experience waiting for you. Now!

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