May 27, 2022 is one of India’s most popular e-commerce sites, specializing in women’s traditional sarees such as Silk Sarees, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Crafted Silk Sarees, and more. Bahuji, also known as Bahuji Fashion Studio, is a Surat, Gujarat-based start-up. Bahuji began as a tiny idea and has grown into a global brand that is now contributing more to women’s self-esteem and empowerment. Bahuji has proven to be a brand that encourages women to believe in themselves and has so far become their favourite. They are guaranteed to make anyone feel good with their exceptional products.  .
Due to its extensive range of product collections and the goal of “RIGHT PRODUCT-RIGHT PRICE,” Bahuji has become India’s most popular brand.

Bahuji separates out from the crowd with its extreme and honest price. Bahuji employs about 65 percent female staff in order to maintain a respectable status in society. Without a doubt, the lack of progress made toward equality is discouraging for women seeking employment, and Bahuji has taken this initiative to repair that broken rung and ensure that women in their company are set up for professional progression from the start.
Brand Story behind the establishment of Bahuji
Mr. Uday Patel shared the story in a crux “In 1975, Mr. Karshandas Patel, my grandpa, started the saree industry. They were forced to move ahead with a tiny business setup due to a lack of funds and facilities. Transportation, information technology, and advanced machinery were not readily available at the time. Clothes were made by hand weaving. My mother pushed the business forward after a steady start. After my grandfather’s death, my mother became the sole owner of the company. It was a difficult time to deal with all of the issues. My mother’s and their sister worked day and night at home at the time, producing handmade sarees. After a few years, my mother and eight other women joined forces to make handcrafted sarees and perform other business duties. My mother’s purpose was to instill self-esteem in women. Women faced numerous consequences during the time. My mother used to excite everyone and explain why women’s independence is crucial in our country despite the many restrictions in our culture. We changed our business to reflect the passage of time and technological advancements. In the year 2000, improved weaving, digital printing, handlooms, and jacquards machines were introduced to the Indian market. Our store used to solely provide goods in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Rajasthan from 2000 to 2012.
We established an e-commerce store in 2012. It was about time we adopted cutting-edge technologies and evolved in the technological world. Our goal was to provide our customers with high-quality goods at reasonable prices. We now have a very important asset in the form of 2500000 satisfied clients who have purchased our online products under our banner. To assist consumers, we have stylish designers as well as an expert team. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our consumers”.
Claim to Fame –
1.    Started online selling of varieties of sarees like Printed silk, Kanjivaram, Jacquards, Kanchipuram, Reshmi, Banglorian silk, Banarasi saree, and many more from 2012.
2.    From 2012 to 2013, Mr Uday Patel along with Keyur Patel have developed this inherited business. 
3.    In 2016-17, to start their own production, they have launched highly advanced European technology-based types of machinery. They have hired full-time designers and engineers together with the development of a modern packaging system for online service so that they can supply the products within 24 hours to their customers and the products get delivered to the customers within 2-3 days. 
4.    Promoted crafted silk products to Globle. 
5.    Bahuji provided a considerably bigger discount to the consumer due to their own weaving and manufacturing setup, as well as the major benefit of the customer creating confidence.
6.    Became a saree industry leader. Having a huge customer base and a diverse product line. Bahuji has given a new term to a traditional saree: Class of Premium. The saree has now become a global item.
Bahuji offers Express Shipping through leading Indian delivery partners such as Bluedart and DHL, as well as specialized order support, all within the same day. They also offer Product Video Calling and Product Wearing Instructions. Their unique refund and cancellation policy, as well as their environmentally friendly products, set them apart from the competition.
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