January 30, 2023
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Avik Chakraborty: When The Strategies Meet The Humanity, Miracles Happen

Avik Chakraborty: When The Strategies Meet The Humanity, Miracles Happen

Hello all, I hope you guys are doing well. Today we are going to introduce a talented star to you. A multi-tasker who knows the business best. We are introducing Avik Chakraborty. Avik is a renowned LinkedIn persona who is popular for his business strategies and LinkedIn branding processes. When the whole world is after establishing a business or getting a great job, people like Avik offers them the best suggestions to achieve what they want. Let’s know more about him and understand how the great individual is so important for the world.

Who Is Avik Chakraborty?

Avik, the young Bengali boy who has graduated in computer applications from the West Bengal University of Technology, is a renowned name in technological studies in West Bengal. He has also achieved MBA in Human Resources. He is a BEI certified professional. He is a certified news anchor as well. He has also managed multiple projects including SAP, SAP SF, IRCC, AUDI, DHA and many more.

Professional Life of Avik Chakraborty

In his professional life, he has served in many job roles for years and learnt from each of them. And now his knowledge has made him enough successful to not only achieve for himself but also to help people get what they want professionally. He has experience in tech-savvy communication management. He has also spent 7+ years curating efficient contents for more than 100 client accounts. He has performed conceptualized marketing campaigns, monitored competitors’ activities, designed editorial contents and created exciting promotional contents and organized virtual contents as well to drive engagement. And by performing all these strategies he has gathered knowledge to improve himself.

Avik Chakraborty: An Excellent Skillful Person

Being a multi talented person Avik has expanded his appearance in multiple roles. He is a jewel who is well known as a LinkedIn coach, podcaster, writer, LinkedIn growth consultant, personal brand manager, content marketing strategist, author and keyword analyst. And it is hoped he will bag more such crowns in near future. As a constantly learning person, Avik is unstoppable and his dedication and helpfulness for the mass is something that makes him stand out.

Avik has a great love for technology and business as well. He has already established himself as a good business strategist and gained a lot of appreciation. He offers these business services to companies so that they can grow and achieve their goals. And he focuses a lot on LinkedIn to establish one brand’s existence. He believes that LinkedIn is an important social media platform that can make any business grow. It offers the brand worldwide visibility.

Mr Chakraborty offers multiple services for business persons, CEOs, company founders and individuals. These services work like miracles in their life. For the business persons, he provides LinkedIn branding and social media Human Resources strategies. And for individuals, he has suggestions for professional resume writing, social media presence, growth in LinkedIn and personal branding. With all these three tips they can get a great job to improve their career with.

He conducts LinkedIn talk shows and podcasts to make people learn LinkedIn patterns that can bring them obvious agreements. He helps them improve their profile on LinkedIn so that they can achieve more employment options than usual. He suggests tips to perform social media optimization to increase the individual’s visibility to employers.

Avik is always there to help you become successful. As an aspiring person in 2014, looking for another person, he learnt a lot about social media and its purpose in Human Resourcing. He gives suggestions on present HR patterns on LinkedIn and also organizes polls to understand the thought process of the mass. He organizes the business pioneers as well to get their perspectives and understandings. Thus he gives a better comprehension about them to the huge crowd.


As a new addition to his success, he has founded Magbizz Global Services. The company is life-changing for any business person or professional. The website is spreading tips regarding how to improve your professional and also your personal life. Magbizz shows people how proper strategies can drive them in the right way to achieve success. It is already getting the love and attention of people.

Magbizz is a great initiative indeed. It is helpful for students, freshers, experts, employees and even top administrators. It helps them to build an attractive resume to get better placements. A great resume is important in 2021 to achieve success in any field. Magbizz is showing them the right path to reach their goal and it is very much needed in this era.

A Helping Hand

Being a generous soul, Avik has never turned his face from humanity. He believes in the success mantra and so, he achieved it. Now, he wants the same for the present and future generations as well. Even in this terrible lockdown period, he has stretched his hand of support towards the people who need it the most. Throughout the pandemic era, Avik has helped 264 students and many job seekers to prepare excellent profiles to get more job opportunities completely free of cost. He has a heart of gold and its innermost feelings are conveyed through the charities he performs.

Avik Chakraborty is an excellent content curator, influencer and business strategist who has a humane heart that helps people to improve their life. He does not believe in cherishing success alone, rather he believes in being successful together. And so, he has got suggestions ready to make others grow. We are happy to know this great soul and appreciate all his education for fellow beings.

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