Autograph Collection: A Perfect Hobby for When You Are Under A Lockdown

We have all heard of the proverb, “Every cloud has a silver lining”. But we perhaps never fully understood it the way we did in the last more than a year since the world as we knew it ceased to be ‘normal’.

It has been almost a year since we have been locked within the confines of our homes – for months on end. At first, it seemed like a picnic, but when we began missing outings, actual picnics, going to meet friends, travelling and so on, did the reality and seriousness of the pandemic that is COVID19 began to sink in. 

Besides taking care of our physical health, we also have to take care of our mental well-being. So people began getting back in touch with the things they enjoyed doing before life, and busy schedules got the better of them. 

Social media was inundated by recipe videos, trend videos, garden pictures, book recommendations – and so on.

How about reviving or even starting afresh with a new hobby? An autograph collection may just be the perfect option for you.

We all are charmed by fame and those illustrious people who, by way of excellence in their work, have earned fame and the adulation of people all over the world.

This is why collecting autographs is like owning a piece of history. And this is why autographs will never fade in importance.

If you want to know more about how you can begin and then shine as an autograph collector of repute, here is what you may need to do.

1. Read Up & Research

There’s nothing better than reading up on what is it that you are getting into. It is always nice to first know what a particular activity is about before you get into it.

2. Join a Support Group

Having the support of like-minded people with the experience of years can go a long way. What traits are needed? How can you utilize your specific interests and skills? What kind of problems can you encounter, and how can those be solved? All of these are concerns that a group or a club and its members can help you with. The Autograph Collectors Club of India is a 3000-member-strong family that is ready to stand by your side and help you with everything.

3. Set Realistic Goals & Plan Well

Ask any autograph collector worth their collection, and they will tell you to follow dreams more than aspirations and also do everything step by step. Amarjeet Singh, a Delhi-based collector and member of the club, says, “It is always better to set small goals. If you aim for A-list celebrities only, you may not get responses, and that may leave you dejected. Also, devote an hour at least every day to some part of the hobby. The pandemic has given us time to stay at home and if we plan well. When it comes to the autograph collection, create a task list every day. Devote one day to first maybe making a list of people or celebrities you want to contact. Create an excel sheet of their contact details. Then on the second day, draft a general email that you may want to send out. Planning everything out keeps you disciplined, motivated and driven.”

At the start of anything new, there will be things that you want should work out immediately. But it is important to be patient. Amarjeet Singh says, “The patience that this hobby of autograph collection demands is a lot. But when you go beyond establishing contact with a celebrity and instead establish a connection with them, and they become like friends, it is very rewarding. So just enjoy the whole process of enjoying what you do.”

And isn’t that what hobbies are supposed to do anyway? Distract us from the mundane and depressing and help keep our sanity and happiness?

 Anyone who would like to learn more about this amazing Hobby of Collecting autographs can contact us below, and we would love to help.

 Autograph Collectors Club of India

 Mr. Santosh Lahoti  +91 9331012533

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