Ashish Sehgal’s Train the Trainer – An intensive program to become exceptional trainers

A trainer is the one who transforms the next generation, who lays down the fundamentals and makes a human turn humane with their teachings, values, morals and ethics. With the competitive world progressing at a rapid rate, people are vouching for the seminars and workshops for mental wellness and to learn the skills required to live in a world like today’s and the way to achieve a hassle free life amidst the chaotic noises of the rushing world. The trainer of a workshop carries the utmost responsibility and is levied upon by the trust and faith of the audience of the session. It is mandatory for the trainer to deliver a successful session, influence the hall, and speak like the best person on the globe at that moment of time. It is understandable that it’s intimidating sometimes, and for all those who wish to cross that barrier and step into a successful speaking career, then the “Train the Trainer” programme by Ashish Sehgal is a one stop solution.

Ashish Sehgal’s “Train the Trainer” program is something that enables the trainers to take their sessions to the next level by imbibing them with all the confidence and good spirits. The BusinessUniv’s Train the Trainer program would inculcate the participating trainers to speak fluently and confidently so that they can train their audience with sheer will and utmost confidence. In every session, the audience expects a lot from the trainer. They all desire to leave the hall with a new profound energy in themselves. The duration of the session must feel like a reincarnating process for them, and for all that to happen, the trainer must speak in a way that moves the audience, which immerses them in the session completely. Ashish Sehgal’s Train the Trainer program does the exact thing where Ashish Sehgal trains the trainers regarding the requisites to give their audience a worthwhile once-in-a-lifetime experience. Throughout the entire training, Ashish allows the trainers to remember their experiences and how some changes are going to affect their speaking style. 

The “Train the Trainer” program is so immersive that it allows the participant trainers to learn through experiential methods and instils confidence in them. There are some sensitive topics every trainer would hesitate to speak about to their clients, and in this program, Ashish Sehgal would also train on how to speak about those touchy topics in a comfortable way. Through the program, Ashish also covers how to be relevant on the motive, when to use visual aids, the solid strategies to handle the audience, how to grasp the learning style of the audience and how one trainer must adapt to it, and methods to improve the delivery. The program focuses on five main areas that include building immersive experiences, using conventional training with experiential methods, using storytelling, real time feedback and deep integration. A certification from BusinessUniv will also be provided on the successful completion of the training.

Ashish Sehgal, the trainer of the “Train the Trainer” program, is a famous name in the field of experiential facilitation with more than thirty years of experience. In the last 16 years, he has given over 4,000 seminars and workshops and has successfully trained more than 1 lakh people. He works extensively on his training company, “BusinessUniv,” which is a pioneer of many transformative programs such as Success Maximum and Midlife Mantra. Ashish Sehgal is a Richard Bandler licenced NLP coach, NLP trainer, and Master trainer. Regarding “Train the Trainer,” Ashish claims that experiential learning makes a lasting impression and that the programme uses the same techniques to develop participants into outstanding trainers and facilitators.


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