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Aryan Arora’s Latest multilingual Track “LIFE” decoded.

Desi Hip Hop these days is going upwards in a very amazing way. Recently Aryan Arora a.k.a Aryansh Arora also dropped his latest Track name ,”LIFE”, and it’s just something that you can’t imagine because that’s a single track and the only track till now with 20 languages.
The sequence of the languages in the track is:- Dutch,Gujrati,Latin,Haryanvi,Spanish,HindiPortuguese,Punjabi,Romanian,Nepali,Italian,Urdu,Swedish,Marathi,German,English, Indonesian,Bangla,French and Tamil.Now the languages that are in odd number like the 1st language, 3rd , 5th and so on till 18th represents a problem, an issue that every type of person faces in his life and the languages that are in even number like the 2nd language,4th language, 6th language and so on till the 18th langauge are the solution of the problems mentioned in the earlier odd paragraphs. The languages that are in odd number are all international languages and the languages that are in even number are all Indian languages (except for nepali which is at 8th position). 
Now comes the last 2 languages, the last 2 paragraphs which are nothing but acceptance of the fact that all we have to do to overcome problems is by looking at it differently. This song is portrayed like a. Conversation between a guy who’s demotivated from life and a guy who’s highly motivated. Aryansh, with this song shows that, it doesn’t matter where you are or which nationality you belong to, there are some problems that we all face in this world, the common problems like the opinion of society, self doubt and many more but all you have to do is to look at it in a different way.
Because this track has 20 languages, Aryan Arora is also felicitated with Asia book of records for being the first rapper to do so.He has many other tracks too on his you tube channel and on stores. This Track “Life” is out on Spotify and all other platforms.

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