Arun Goswami | From 0 INR To Making Over 2,50,000+ INR Net in One Month…

This article is about Mr Arun Goswami, founder of Pixxcel.

He belongs to Jaipur. An enthusiastic person who is passionate about bringing new customers to businesses using Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels.

Being from a business background, he was very fascinated by the term business. From a very small age, he used to sit and closely listen about the business talks between his father and elder brother without understanding a bit of anything.

It all started in 2014, when Arun along with one of his friend had started an affiliate blog which failed miserably. After this, he started observing things like how people are doing business, how they are communicating, what all they don’t like and so on…

Arun says that “In digital marketing, there is a term called split testing, I was split testing in my life”, Arun goes to FIITJEE with 100% scholarship with the hope to crack IIT JEE exam, but within few months he realised that this thing is not for him so without wasting any time he dropped IIT-JEE. Later he took admission in LPU but after a few days he realises that this will not going to help him achieve what he wanted in future, so again he dropped that College.

“I owe everything to my family especially my dad because they supported me in each and every decision of mine without cross questioning me or forcing me into anything”.

In year 2017, after school gets over, he got so obsessed with success that he decided to get completely disconnected with all the people (Some of my best of friends and people whom I love the most) so that he can devote all the time on his growth and upgrading his skillsets.

He says “I still feel bad about all of this, It was very very tough for me to led go these people. Some were my childhood friends and some were with me from past 4 years. We used to talk daily, support each other and we have some unforgettable memories. I love them forever”.

Everything started in 2017, when Arun has started doing freelancing on graphics designing, content writing etc.

“Too be honest, I have never thought of steeping in paid media buyings, funnels, sales etc back in year 2017”

Back then, Arun had an SBI account which his father had opened for him with a minimum deposit of 5,000 INR.

“I am so proud of myself that I have created Pixxcel with that same 5K initial investment.”

Arun has completed his graduation in BTech IT from Amity University Rajasthan. During his course of graduation, he got 17 backs (Due to lack of attandance) and graduated with overall 7.47 CGPA.

Arun says, “Corona was the bestest time for me. I always wanted time for myself to think to plan and I have got this in the form of lockdown

Arun got his mentor Rahul Bhatnagar in year 2020 and under him, he invested very heavily on upgrading his skills in sales, media buying, technicalities etc..

Each and every effort, hard work that he was putting in from past 4 years has now started giving results. Back in November 2020, he worked closely with the PMO for Bengaluru Tech Summit and recently he has closed his biggest deal worth $2,000.

“I wish, all my people, whom I loved the most should be part of my moments”

Arun’s Pixxcel is growing very fast right now and he is actively giving opportunities to others for work.

Arun Goswami believes that money is the bi-product of the process that you put in. His goal is to add lots of value to business owners by helping them to get as many customers as quickly as possible.

If you are someone who is lost or who doesn’t know what to do next then start taking actions as quickly and as much as possible because the only way to win in anything is to just keep moving forward… Don’t focus on perfection..

Self investment will ensure that you will reach your goals quickly and smoothly.You cannot lose that money, it’s impossible.

His Instagram – arun_goswami_

His Company – Pixxcel

Website –

Learn How I sold 4 Properties in less than 72 hours using Ads –

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