Arpit’s Chaai Seth opened in Nagpur.

India’s Fastest Growing Tea Franchise “Chaai Seth” recently opened its new franchisee outlet in Nagpur, Maharashtra this month.

The potential of street food business is growing day by day. With delicious menu and variety of Tea, Arpit’s Chaai Seth is offering wonderful business opportunity to the potential business seekers.

The menu itself is enough to bring huge customers base !

Let’s understand what and hows of Chaai Seth Franchise.

Chaai Seth

What is Chaai Seth?

Chaai Seth is a concept started by Mr. Arpit Raj during his college time back in 2015, which is now creating a huge profitable business in Indian market.

Menu of Chaai Seth.

The menu mainly includes 20+ variety of Tea, which includes Paan Tea, Kesar Elaichi Tea, Adarak Tea, Mango Tea, Masala Tea and literary a huge range of amazing tea flavours. With add-on to this, Chaai Seth has lite continental menu too, which includes Burger, Sandwich, Shakes, Mojito etc.

Investment Required for getting a Chaai Seth Franchise.

Where other brands are charging a hell lot of money and investment, Chaai Seth is really unique in its way! As per their official website, they have 3 models presently.
Kiosk , cafe and Premium.

Kiosk model requires area of 60-120 sq ft and total investment including the franchise fees, machinary, equipment etc goes around 6-7 Lacs Indian Rupees.

Cafe investment comes around 10-12 Lacs, area required is 120-240 Sq ft.

The third, Premium model comes with 16-17 Lacs of investment, area required is upto 400 sq ft.

How can someone contact Chaai Seth for franchise?

If someone is willing to start his/ her food outlet by taking Chaai Seth franchise, he/ she simply needs to contact them on their official website and fill up the form. Or they can be reached directly by calling the hotline number : +91 9667869451

What All things do Chaai Seth provides?

Chaai Seth guides you in all possible ways. Right from location finalization to menu finalization to menu pricing to staff training to raw material supply to marketing to SOP to licensing to Taxation. They’ll provide everything.

Eligibility to get Chaai Seth Franchise.

Chaai Seth brand is a bit choosy in terms of selecting their franchisee partner. The do not offer franchise to anyone. They have their certain parameters to check , analyse and judge. Also, they are very choosy in terms of location as well. Only having money or budget can’t get you their franchise, they analyse other things too which make them unique in the market.

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