He began this journey of becoming an actor and singer ten years back. He was a young lad  trying to get his foot in the door of stardom. He was trying to get his own scoop of fame amidst all this cosmic starlit chaos. He started working in small plays in schooldays. He still remember playing the part of summer season in the school play about different seasons. He prepared his dialogues really well but was still scared before setting his foot on stage. He practised his lines so brilliantly. But, the moment he put his foot on stage; he got butterflies in his belly. His voice began to lower down as if it was some other person who practised those lines.

He came off stage with a heavy heart people sitting in the audience congratulated him even after performing so bad ; he could see sympathy in their eyes. But, he remembered feeling so dull after that play. He began to understand the detailing of the character. He developed a taste for acting. He understood what he lacked and how much he still needs to work on his craft. He started studying about personality development. He pushed himself willingly in uncomfortable situations. That was the only way to become a better performer. As thinking of being an actor and singer is one thing ; and achieving it in reality is another level game play. The plan carved out in your mind never works the way you think but destiny gives necessary fluctuations for the taste of improvisation. Those, who are able to make these improvisations becomes the performer they are meant to be. Rest just keep on dreaming and struggling with themselves and rest of the world.

In present day, that 13 years old who stood silent in front of an audience has crossed miles. He has travelled to different countries ; had different experiences and grown as a person and an artist. His craving for creativity made him study theatre, film making, editing and much more. He has studied film making and editing from london. He trained his voice as well over this period. He worked as an assistant director for different projects. He has stayed in various cities ; observed different cultures and people upclose. In the way they perform there daily activities, the way they speak , eat and carry out other activities . An artist need to be a keen observer so that he can embibe the features of the character perfectly.

You just not enact the part you play; you live the part you play. When you do it with your whole heart it is visible on your face and your audience connects with you in a mesmerizing way. They feel attached on such a level they live through the entire story with the artist rather it be laughing, crying , anger, pain and so on. Audience go on a roller coaster ride on an emotional level and feel good about your work. That’s the true achievement of being an artist.

In his spare time he works  for the betterment of the society. He believes helping out the humanity is the best way possible to return the grace of god to this world. We aren’t that capable to give equal returns but we can do our bit for the society. It gives him immense happiness to be able to help out those in need.

 Now, he has worked in 3 regional music videos . In two of them the production wasn’t so good ; therefore, you might not like his work. But, i am just being honet with you. One of them has crossed 20 million views mark recently name of the song is Bhabhi tear roop nirala. His upcoming videos will be in hindi as well. This made him realize it’s just a small step and it’s a very long journey. He has written his own songs , made his own compositions , very soon he will be bringing those beautiful heart touching songs out for you. He feels a divine intervention that made him realize that he has to be great at his work deliver beautiful masterpieces to make you enjoy the best works of cinema and arts. Currntly, he is working on a new coming age romantic comedy webseries.

He further said ” He  would just love to deliver his best perfornmances for his audience till it’s possible by god’s grace.”

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