Anurag Nirmalkar: His Inspiring journey from an Assistant Director to a debut Film Director and founder of AVF Production House

Anurag Nirmalkar began his journey from the serial in Star Plus named ‘Love ka hain intejaar’ as an Assistant Director under Alchemy Production”

As a matter of course, bollywood is every artist’s dream and the same goes with a director too. Though a director never comes in front of the screen but they are equally important people on a film set. Every small screen artists desires to make it big in the silver screen and that is exactly what Anurag is gearing up for by foraying into Bollywood after a successful TV career in Star Plus as an assistant director and editor and a musical artist at large.

25 year old Anurag Nirmalkar is a native of Chhattisgarh and stayed in Mumbai for 2 years during his period of working with Star Plus. Anurag directed his first music album in Chhattisgarh for zerone films BHOLE TRANCE music album. Professionally Anurag earned BE (ET and T) and Masters in Film making and editing from Mumbai Film Academy and Reliance Films.

How he got started?

Anurag was always inclined towards the field of cinema since childhood as his father Mr. Jitendra Nirmalkar used to own business of movies CD rental service where they used to provide service of showing movies to every household and since then his interest began to develop more on film making. Imbibing all the right lessons and hardworking trait from his father Anurag has firmly established himself as a talent to be reckoned with and with the same lesson he has set forth his journey as a debut film director. Taking a legacy ahead, he had transitioned his father’s business into a production house named AVF Studios and elevated his business to a next level by taking the charge as the director of AVF studios. Currently AVF production house is working on various projects with many national and International Artists.

Anurag’s achievement knows no bounds:

–  He collaborated with Switzerland under the name of the project “Mozart Heros”

– He has represented India in Thailand for making film on transgender with Miss Veena Sendre, Miss India Transequeen.

–  His first short film ‘Kilkari’ has been screened in various International short film festivals along with an award and recognition for the best screenplay.

– A Documentary film on transgender under his assistance was nominated and selected for screening in Cannes film festival, Dada Saheb Falke Film Festival and Germany Film festival.

– Rich experience of working with National companies like Sony, Star plus, and zee Music Bollywood

– Recognition with screening in Swami Vivekananda Film festival Chicago for one of his film making completion in 72 hours.

– His photographs have been sold for International Magazines.

Many aspiring artists dream of having a career in Bollywood and with time, experience, dedication, passion and patience that vision can become a reality. The best directors are those who commit themselves and invest their time and let themselves consumed by the work they have been doing with true dedication both physically and emotionally. Anurag is the live example who spares no effort in devoting all his time and energy to his passion by directing any project be it any music album or serials. His determination of creative vision made him break into the field of direction.

He signed off saying “There is no such thing as overnight success, the only thing that will keep you moving and soar high is your hard work and certainly years of hard work and preparation help you earn the accolades, one must remain patient as you never know when your time is going to be discovered with a life changing break”

Anurag have more than seven Chhattisgarhi songs to his credit along with more than ten Hindi songs to his credit. Besides this, he has also directed more than 100 music albums. Very soon he is gearing up to make a debut in the world of Hindi cinema as a director. Indeed it has become a trend of transitioning from small screen after gaining spotlight but the real talent and persistence is the key which will eventually get you there. If you are the one who wish to collaborate with him can mail him on his official email id as he has something big surprise for all of them.

Learn about Anurag and his journey as a director if you are an aspiring director.

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