“Ankush Bajaj is a full-time Algo trader, a mentor, and the founder and Director at Alfa Fineducon.”

Ankush has been the chief coach at www.ankushbajaj.com for seven years. Besides this, he is the director and founder at Alfa fineducon Pvt Ltd. He has 14 years of rich professional experience in financial planning, Finance Derivatives, Market trading and coaching. He is an MBA with a specialization in Finance. He is an NSE certified Market professional and CPT professional trader from a US-based training academy. Besides, he is also a full-time Algo trader. By far, he has trained more than 1000 people on various topics of the capital market. He takes workshops and training programs at different business schools and colleges. He covers the issues of financial literacy, basics of the stock market, risk management, and derivative training on his training programs.

Excerpt from the latest conversation with Ankush Bajaj:-

1. Please tell us what made you an Algo trader entrepreneur.

Ankush – The ease of doing business to get time to think of other strategies and market philosophies. I belong to a broker house since 2006 (Elite Stock Management NCR), and working for Sharekhan for six years consumed a lot of my time and energy. Though I gained a lot of experience from scratch, something was missing because I could not develop strategies and models for the trading systems. This triggered me to think about an automatic system for order placement and execution so that one can get ample time to read many books concerning trading as much as possible. With Algo trading, one gets a lot of time reading books and developing different strategies along with elevation in personality spiritually and intellectually. This sharpens 3Es, efficiency, economy and effectiveness in the overall operation.

2. If you have to explain Algo trading to a five-year-old Kid, that means to a very beginner, how would you do that?

Ankush – Once you are prepared with your strategic planning, coding will be done, and proper software will be updated, having smooth data feeders connected to trusted APIs. A 5-year old kid only needs to switch on at 09:00AM and switch off at 03:30 PM, and if he has the server in the place, he has to supervise the screen.

3. Is normal trading and Algo trading different? 

Ankush – The principle always remains the same whether it’s normal trading or the Algo trading, only with a difference in the execution. In Algos, you let computers do the job, whereas, in manual trading, you burn your night oil.

4. What motivated you to become an Algo trader?

Ankush – I was inclined towards the market since childhood but didn’t know how to begin. Maybe destiny had something in my favour, and I was forced to shift to Delhi and got an opportunity to work with Elite Stock Management. Based on my performance, I was offered a job at Sharekhan, where I successfully worked for six years from scratch and realised the importance of Algo or Automated Trading.

5. Is the future of an Algo trader bright in India?

Ankush – This is a revolution and a mission to take the civilization to the next level of efficiency, and there is no other alternative but Algo. If you see the penetration of Algo in the USA and other developed countries, we are just at the tip of the iceberg. Soon tsunami of Algo would come and sway the whole world of Capital market, money market, commodity market and forex market.  

6. How would you inspire the one who wants to make a career in Algo trading?

Ankush – If one wants to make a career in Algo trading, he should learn about technical analysis, fundamental analysis, derivatives and valuations. There are several books available by writers like Ashwini Gujral, Parag Pareek, Benjamin Graham, Jack D. Schwager – Stock market Wizard, Gregory Zuckerman.

7. Please enlighten us about your AlgoVeda.com  

Ankush – Algoveda consists of a bouquet of a wide variety of feature and products like 

API bridge, Coding, Training, Execution support, Strategy development, Automation through more than 20 brokers, Demat Account opening, Fund management, Financial Planning, Consultancy and several other market products.

The top-rated courses provided by Ankush includes:

– Trade Option like a Pro

– Advance technical Analysis and system Trading Course

– Basics of Stock Market

– 5 days insider Secret success BootCamp

Ankush uses trading strategies to make steady returns, and if you have a similar thirst for knowledge like Ankush, then his workshops and training programs are hard to give it a miss.

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