Ankit Ravindra Jain’s journey teaches us not to underestimate ourselves.

When you are confronted with a new or stressful task or situation, you may begin to doubt your talents, strengths, or abilities. Underestimating yourself can cause anxiety or stress, and it may prevent you from trying something new. However, working through self-doubt can help increase your confidence and help you achieve your goals. If you reduce negative thoughts, work on building your self-esteem, and make healthy lifestyle choices, you can stop underestimating yourself.

 We have a great personality who is giving our next generation a positive way to shine out. Yes, we are talking about none other than Ankit Ravindra Jain who has 10 years experience as a Government Officer, has been a Public Speaker for 5 years, and serves as professor at Badabusiness ( an initiative by dr. Vivek Bindra), has been the two times  speaker at Josh Talks. 

He was born in a middle class family and small town Saharanpur in UP, where his father used to run a handloom shop. He passed out 12th class with 67% and zero vision, zero dreams & zero personality. But his parents were satisfied with his performance in board exams as he had always been an average student in school. 

    After completing his school he took admission in college for higher studies where he felt so underrated and underestimated himself due to lack of communication skills.  And again he was left with low esteem, low confidence and no personality. 

In 2009, he came to Delhi to do an MBA. On the very first day when he was asked to tell about him on stage, he could not say anything other than his name there as his hands and feet went numb at that time. And this was a turning point of his life, and from that day he started working on his skills and still continuing even after achieving so far. 

During the third semester of his MBA he got selected to study in France under a Student Exchange Program. And for this, he explained to his father that he had to go to France and do something different and he assured his father that he would return all the money by doing a job in France that his father was going to bear. Although his father never put any kind of financial pressure on him.

And when he went to France, even there he was not able to get even the smallest job because he did not know the French language very well because then he had started learning French language. A few days later, Ankit met Ravi, a man from Delhi but was working as a contractor in France at that time. When Ankit told Ravi about the problem of not getting a job, he gave Ankit the job of wall grinding with him. But Ankit did not demotivate himself with this work, instead he took it positively as a new challenge. While learning and earning in France he worked on his communication skills and public speaking which helped him a lot in achieving more. He believes and gives all credit to his parents to support him mentally and economically in his hard time. He also believes that if a child like him, who used to hide his face, can stand and speak confidently before everyone today, then everyone can.

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