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The Rank Company – A story of Failure to Success!

The Rank Company – my dream child – is the result of a series of linked (digital and non-digital) episodes that enabled my growth in the industry. Today, as I look back with satisfaction and some pride, I have a lot to think of and share.

My journey started long ago, actually in the period 2007-2010 when I completed my graduation from Kolkata University in English Language and Literature. The seeds of becoming an entrepreneur and leader were probably sown then or maybe a few years later when I was an MBA student. 2010-2012

How I wish I knew that my entrepreneurial capabilities were getting fodder in those classrooms!

My baby steps into the world of Internet marketing were taken at Great Media Technologies.; that too in a short span of one year. I understood the potential of digital marketing and why I should stick to it to make my mark as a blogger, digital marketer and link building specialist. It was the future!

The next three years saw me working hard as a freelance internet marketer when I learned the nuances of the Internet and technology games to chalk my way forward.

Next, along with my wife Shreya, I tried to launch a freelance portal named SEO Bloggers in 2015. Our Company called Limitless Media and Advertising was founded soon after. Unfortunately, both ventures did not give the expected results. What was really helpful was that we ended up learning quite a few lessons about what works, and what not, in the digital marketing industry.

And this was critical in the ever-changing, competitive domain wherein one has to keep running in his place to remain in the race, leave alone get ahead of the crowd.

In the period 2018 – 2020, I found myself at Google Spider, working as the Operations Manager. The 2 years and 9 months long stint was a blessing in disguise for the SEO professional, link building strategist and content marketer in me   I learned how to provide end-to-end link building and Internet marketing strategies to my clients and SEO companies. I understood how to weave the web smartly and within the stipulated budget of my clients. I networked with thousands of global publishers and kept supplying whatever they demanded. All in good time, adroitly and with the highest levels of skills.

Today, as the Founder of The Rank Company, I can safely and confidently introduce myself as an experienced digital marketing professional with almost a decade of industry inexperience. I have a varied and robust demonstrated history of having worked in the fields of marketing and advertising. My skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), team management, link building, blogging, content marketing and building sound marketing strategies have earned me many deserving accolades.

Currently we are working with 100+ freelancers all over India. Providing them with work and financial support in this time of crisis.

What is The Rank Company?

The Rank Company helps companies grow their revenue through innovative and result-oriented online marketing strategies. Along with increasing the search engine rankings of our clients, we help them get the best ROI and conversions to gain the much-needed competitive edge. Currently, I am working relentlessly with my team on content creation, SEO, link building strategies, PR outreach and other related digital marketing projects.

I strongly believe that every New Year and day brings new opportunities for me and The Rank Company. Recently, the Pandemic may have taken center stage in hash tags but it has set an altogether new stage for me. As an experienced digital marketer and entrepreneur, I can see a sea of possibilities with most businesses shifting gears and going online. There is immense scope for the biggest business accomplishments in future. And here I am, going strong at the steering wheel of a company that knows and cares.

My journey and that of The Rank Company are going to become better from here on.

It’s a given.

Why you may ask?

That’s because, it’s not every day that the sun shines so bright and brings with it the dedication of an expert and experienced team of content writers, Internet marketers, link builders and SEO professionals. I bring to you all this, and a lot more, with THE RANK COMPANY.

So, linger no longer and reach out to me, Anirban Bhattacharya, today!

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