“An idea without guidance is a ship without sails.”

The inception of Graphream was in the year 2020. It began with a relatively simple dream, to give every aspiring entrepreneur the platform and resources to chase the goal they so deeply desire. India is a country with infinite potential, but entrepreneurs often fail to procure the essential guidance and encouragement.

Graphream, a Startup India recognized organization aims to mend this persistent issue and assist entrepreneurs in enriching themselves. Every day on this journey, we strive to attain and provide only the best for our community.

In layman’s terms, Graphream is a community of entrepreneurs who can interact and build a network. It assists them in gaining the benefit of a symbiotic relationship with other people. The diversified expertise helps individuals expand their awareness and seek veteran advice whenever the need arises.

Graphream functions on a highly transparent model, where every member is treated as an integral part of the ever-growing family. Having a substantial amount of experience with startups and their functioning himself, the founder Siddharth Agrawal aims to smoothen the jolting ride that awaits every aspiring entrepreneur who seeks to make a difference in the world. He yearns to abolish any hardships that he had to face on this challenging path. Anita Shah, a shareholder, and the founder’s mother is known as the company’s pillar. She is the organization’s pilot and ensures that it stays true to its purpose.

Graphream houses a compilation of informational blogs, case studies, and videos that provide an insight into the world of startups. It enables the users to accumulate knowledge and find a key to their difficulties. Prominent industry personalities are invited periodically for an exclusive interview, where they share their expertise and wisdom. Our website acts as the digital library for an entrepreneur where they can attain all the vital data. Graphream refuses to follow the ‘age-old methods’ of operating and believes in unorthodox methods to achieve peculiar results. Graphream seeks to collaborate with universities and provide the students with a platform and the resources to build and develop a startup.

Through a well-developed and structured model, Graphream aims to empower the lives of thousands of students. By the time a student reaches the end of their course, they can launch their startup and attain the required funding and materials with the help of Graphream. Graphream also offers a comprehensive Enterprise Management System (EMS) that enables companies to manage the business and its resources efficiently.

Any student that enrolls through Graphream will be presented with an opportunity to experience the reality and practicality of founding and managing a startup, but under precise guidance and the advice of industry experts with several years of experience. Graphream firmly believes in the implication of the ‘One Company, One Status’ policy to all the members involved. It encourages every member of the community to voice their valuable input and suggestions.

The feedback is reviewed and implemented at utmost priority to ensure the ever-growing, ever-transforming vision of Graphream.

Siddharth Agrawal: “When you secure the future of an entrepreneur, you secure the future of the country.” ‘An entrepreneur, if presented with the correct resources and opportunities, holds the potential to reconstruct the world.’

Every startup has a uniqueness about itself and contributes massively to the advancement of society. When we nourish a startup to grow, we obliquely help generate employment, boost the economy, and transform millions of lives. The urge to bring a difference is what pushes Graphream to revamp itself and reach unattained heights’ And with this vision, Graphream took birth, amalgamating two words, Graph, and Dreams, leading to a meaningful purpose Graphing Your Dreams.

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