During lockdown due to Covid-19, we have seen many businesses seizing their operations and people losing their jobs. Still, some people for whom lockdown acted as an incubator and provided them with the opportunity to start their creative venture. Today we are talking about one such experience named Namah Retails and Overseas, situated in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and was incorporated by Aabhas Jain at the age of 19!. Aabhas is currently pursuing BA LLB from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi, and is a CS Executive student. Due to Covid-19, colleges across the country were closed, sending students back to their homes. This seems to be an opportunity for Aabhas, as having a lot of free time at home, he started to look for alternatives for spending time creatively. One such output of his creativity came out in Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps developed by him.

Aabhas developed a different kind of pink salt lamp which is very attractive and better than the ones available in the market. Initially, the idea was to create the salt lamp for his use. Still, as he enjoyed the process, he made a few more pieces immediately liked and taken by his friends and relatives as he learned that people like his product very much. He converted his small initiative to a full-fledged business opportunity with the help of his father. He established and registered his brand, ‘Namah’ and started producing Pink Salt Lamp on a large scale. In the beginning, Namah started to sell its products through eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Getting a good response for their product, they began to distribute it in the offline market too. Soon the sales started to climb, and a small idea became a great business opportunity for Aabhas. Namah is now established as a full-fledged business firm with a registered office in Haridwar. Recently Aabhas was also featured in a Ted X event that took place in his college. Expanding the business domain, many new products were also included in handicraft, handloom, home décor and grocery under the brand Namah and Namah Organics. The Pink Salt Lamps, which were the foundation products, are currently the bestsellers in their segment on Amazon. Travelling on the path of business and taking the brand Namah, Aabhas has already earned revenue worth Millions and still counting.

Further, they plan to expand their business in various countries and have obtained the necessary licenses for the same. We wish Aabhas the best of luck for his future endeavours and congratulate him for his growth. Please have a look at their products through the below links.

https://www.amazon.in/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=pa_sp_mtf_aps_sr_pg1_1?ie=UTF8&adId=A09646201J87ND9YBWMHK&url=%2FSattva-lamp-Positive-SATTVA-Himalayan%2Fdp%2FB08DD6ZHY9%2Fref%3Dsr_1_22_sspa%3Fcrid%3D1M43EH0H1B8FF%26dchild%3D1%26keywords%3Dsalt%2Blamp%26qid%3D1632822730%26sprefix%3Dsalt%2Blamp%252Caps%252C367%26sr%3D8-22-spons%26psc%3D1&qualifier=1632822730&id=5051031011952669&widgetName=sp_mtf https://www.instagram.com/jain.aabhas

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