January 30, 2023

An advocate from Maharashtra gets bail in 376 case in delhi court.

An advocate from Maharashtra gets bail in 376 case in delhi court.

Advocate and social activist Nisar Pathan who fights for justice.

This time Advocate nisar pathan came with the bail for an innocent under section 376 of the indian penal code in Delhi Court.

In Delhi Court pathan fought for the accused stating some powerful evidence and also questioned the FIR’s authenticity, he gave almost 30 strong points to the hon’ble court proving the innocence of his client, which ends with the bail order given by the Delhi court to his client.

Pathan obtained his LL.B. D.L.L and LL.M. degree from Maharastra and started practising law in Maharashtra High Court. His unmatchable nature towards the humanity appreciated by the family of the people who falsely suffered into criminal charges. He also runs a foundation called ekjaan in Maharashtra to help innocent people.

Pathan often advocates against false cases. he sincerely believes that responsibility and accountability should be evenly distributed among the various levels of administration. Security and legal enforcement are as accountable for societal harmony as each citizen of India. Freedom comes with responsibility, and his idea of a peacefully coexisting yet diverse society is only achievable when each citizen takes responsibility for their actions.

“I feel I will not do justice to my profession if my services don’t reach those in need. Access and affordability should not be a concern. So, I see a worthy case that needs to be fought – anything that appeals to me – I take it up”

Pathan also got into the headlines in well known case in Maharashtra in which A man was remanded to police custody by a court for repeated sexual assault of his minor twin daughters. A case against the 43-year-old man, who runs a fabrication shop. Pathan fought the case after mother of those girls contacted him and showed all the evidence and proofs,

In Maharashtra advocate Pathan is more popular for his kind behaviour and supporting nature towards the innocent people, he always takes stand for the person who approaches him for genuine case,

“If you falsely accused of committing rape. Don’t

take it lightly as rape allegations are serious. Even if the

rape charges are false, their consequences are long-

lasting. If you are being a victim of a false rape charge

then the first thing you need to do is to contact a criminal

lawyer, who will guide you and help you in responding

aptly to the false allegations and defend you against

them”. Pathan said

It will be great if you can prove that you were not

present at the crime spot at the stated time and you were

somewhere else; this could be proved with certain

evidence or witness. You can prove this through your

GPS location or using other technological means like

CCTV Footage etc. Pathan said in his interview. Advocate Pathan fought many of the cases of the same natures, and has been working hard for the people who got into criminal proceedings falsely.

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