Amit Pal: The next-gen Entrepreneur and founder of 11 Player Sports Management Pvt Ltd launches a stock fantasy gaming platform, ‘11shots Application.’

“11shots is India’s biggest Stock fantasy Game with an exponentially growing user base of over 2 crores sports fans.”

11 Player Sports Management Pvt Ltd is a venture by Amit Pal from Allahabad that came into existence in 2019 to flourish stock fantasy and stock and share market in India. It also takes care of the PMS Service. The gaming platform 11shots application was exclusively developed for the stock market. The primary purpose behind the launch of the 11shots application was to bring stock fantasy in India with a mission to make India economically stable by 2025 with the help of the capital market; however, it is designed with the game of cricket due to its popularity to attract users with a vision to create this platform to understand the dealing in the stock market together with popularizing the stock market in the country.

The report says that only 2% of the Indian Population invests in the Share market compared to other countries like the USA (Approximately 60%-70%). Hence, 11 Player Sports Management Pvt Ltd forged ahead with launching the stock fantasy gaming platform ‘11shots Application’ to encourage the Indian Population to invest more in the Stock market by dropping the myths around their investments. 

Eleven shots is a digital gaming platform that provides you with the opportunity to feel the zeal of REAL CRICKET at your fingertips. Suppose you ever think you are not favoured by luck to show your performance on the playground. In that case, you can conveniently enter into the arena of Digital gaming with the user-friendly 11shots application. Yes, you heard it right. It’s an online game where you can create a virtual team of real cricket players. 11shots application comprises an exciting feature of training module about the stock market with interactive life and recorded sessions by professional trainers on basic, intermediate and advanced levels. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn and master the skills and knowledge of the stock market. 

11shots is an Application is an easy and simple game where your cricket fantasy about your team, your players, and Your performers help you to easily convert into your Dream team to real cricket over this Digital platform. This game can be played by anyone without prior knowledge of the stock market and earn real money.

The user can very smoothly operate the user-friendly 11shots Application gaming platform by downloading the 11shots application in their ANDROID device, after which they can Navigate to the Sign Up Screen and enter their Full Name, Email Address, Date of birth, Mobile Number and Password that they want to use to log in and lastly Click the Sign-Up Button and enter into the world of DIGITAL GAMING.

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