Amit Majithia, Inspiring story of the serial Entrepreneur of 3 successful businesses

Amit Majithia is the founder of BCC MUSIC, BCC EVENTS, CBTF SPEED NEWS (the ultimate destination for cricket information). Being a source of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs Amit Majithia’s journey has been incredible. It was his determination, grit and nimbleness that drove him to success and his Ventures of BCC MUSIC, BCC EVENTS, and CBTF SPEED NEWS is the live example. His diversified set of businesses spans across multiple products and services.

Amit has always been a passionate entrepreneur who was always keen to new ideas and businesses with the risk and hope of rewards in return. Once he established a particular business he kept on moving to establishing other ventures. Started with a single idea and made it big with multiple ventures by putting in all his efforts to make it a big success. It was Amit’s braveness that made him capable of starting multiple ventures one after the other.

His venture CBTF Speed news provides blazing cricket news from around the world. It gives the viewers about the latest happening in the world of cricket with the latest cricket scores, exciting news about IPL, T20 along with the interesting facts about the all the cricketers. The platform focuses on giving live cricket scores, match updates, fixtures, news, and articles and all the latest, authentic news and developments on cricket.

Amit’s another venture BCC Music factory focuses on creating and producing music for celebrities along with the responsibility of artist development and promotion including creating of musical tracks for rappers and singers and other actors for music video production together with the promotion and marketing of the artists. BCC Music factory spares no effort in pitching a new artist. It opens up new doors for the artists and takes the ownership of their careers. Eventually it is Amit’s talent, determination and never give up attitude that made him a complete package and turned all impossible things into possible.

With an amalgamation of Events, Nightlife, Production BCC Events was established in Dubai as an entertainment company. Bollywood, sports and casino themed café is a rare thing to see and Amit’s venture BCC events  is the first ever BollySports Casino Café in Dubai that serves mouth watering Indian fusion food, cocktails and the ever so popular middle eastern Sheesha. Together with a team of experts and global perspectives BCC events helps people experience local insights and ultimate entertainment. BCC Productions produces a wide range of visual art films, web-series, television and music video content. With a team of expertise BCC productions is all set to conquer the film and production line. BCC Events focuses to work on designing experience with the blend of emotions so that the prospective audience finds it relatable.

Amit is someone who likes innovation and loves to handle more than one business idea subsequently. He is not only driven by money goals but to the process of making any business a successful hit. He is great at networking and connecting with people. He makes sure to listen to people’s needs and concerns and finds opportunities to help them. Over the years he has built an empire to build authentic relationships with powerful people so that he is able to bring value to each one of those people. With an art of innovation he has a capability to turn anything ordinary into unique.

His words of wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneurs “Always remain confident and never underestimate your business idea. Self faith is above all even when no one believes you and you can do wonders!” 

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